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9. MRB – Level Up!

8. MRB – Not Your Typical Superhe

7. MRB – They Travel to Erin’s Pl

6. MRB – Brody Becomes Virago

5. MRB – Not Just Any Anime Girl.

4. MRB - Sean Becomes an Anime Gi

3. MRB - Fantasy IPA

2. The Magic Rock Brewery

1. The Drafting Board

MRB – Level Up!

on 2023-01-07 20:54:14
Episode last modified by simmer68 on 2023-01-07 20:54:56

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As the four friends embraced their new situation, they found themselves engaging in wild, passionate sex like nothing any of them had ever experienced before. Leonard, who was still a virgin, was amazed by the sensations that Vixen was able to evoke in him. She seemed to know exactly what he wanted at every moment, and he found himself powerless to resist her charms.

Virago was just as skilled with Erin, using her powers of seduction to bring her to the heights of pleasure. Erin couldn't believe how good it felt to be with Virago, and she found herself lost in the moment.

The friends spent the rest of the night exploring their new abilities, reveling in the pleasure and passion that they found with each other. They knew that they were in for a wild ride, but they were ready to embrace it and see where it took them.

As Leonard experienced his first climax, he was amazed as Vixen suddenly convulsed in pleasure. Sean could feel his new body crackling with energy, and as he looked down at himself, he both saw and felt his breasts grow. He experienced another wave of pleasure, and heard Erin cry out in passion as well. When he looked over to see Virago, he saw that her breasts had grown as well, as she writhed in pleasure.

As they recovered from their love-making, Leonard explained to Sean and Brody that they had just "leveled-up". Every orgasm they brought out in others gave them more power, and it was reflected in their breast size. The more power they had, the stronger they became, and the more abilities they were able to unlock.

Sean and Brody were amazed by this revelation, and they couldn't wait to see what other powers and abilities they might be able to unlock. They knew that they were in for a wild ride, and they were ready to embrace it and see where it took them.

Erin couldn't help but feel guilty about transforming Sean and Brody against their wills, and she thought that they should try to find a way to reverse the effects of the potion. "We can't just keep using our powers to seduce people and bring them to orgasm," she said, her voice filled with concern. "It's not right, and we have to find a way to fix this."

But Leonard disagreed. He was having the time of his life, and he didn't want to give up the chance to be with the woman of his dreams. "Why should we try to fix it?" he asked, his voice filled with excitement. "This is amazing, and I don't want it to end. We should see how far this can go, and see what other powers and abilities we can unlock."

Erin shook her head, her frustration growing. "But what about their consent? They didn't ask to be turned into anime characters, and we can't just keep using our powers to manipulate them."

Leonard shrugged. "I don't see what the problem is. They're enjoying themselves, and we're all having a good time. We should just go with the flow and see where this takes us."

Erin and Leonard continued to argue, each trying to convince the other of their point of view. But as they debated, Sean and Brody watched on, unsure of what to do. They knew that they had been transformed against their will, but they couldn't deny the pleasure and excitement that they were feeling. They were caught in a difficult situation, and they didn't know how to navigate it.

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