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3. MRB - Fantasy IPA

2. The Magic Rock Brewery

1. The Drafting Board

MRB - Friends, Chapter One - Fantasy IPA

on 2023-01-07 20:44:38
Episode last modified by simmer68 on 2023-01-08 18:08:41

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Longtime friends Sean, Erin, Brody, and Leonard arrived together to check out the bar for the first time. Olivia was also there with some of their friends.

Sean was smart, friendly, but average in every other way. He loved his friend, Erin, but had never asked her out, not wanting to spoil their friendship. He was physically attracted to cheerleaders after having a crush on Olivia in high school. Sean often dreamed about being with a fantasy version of Olivia with Erin's personality, a seductive, playful life of the party.

Erin was a cute, geeky, playful redhead. She and Sean had been friends the longest. She wasn’t interested in fashion, normally wearing baggy clothes and little makeup, and keeping her hair in a ponytail. She swore off men after dating Brody, and was rumored to be bi-sexual. She longed for a beautiful, confident girl who would share her love of anime and know how to treat a woman properly.

Brody was tall, athletic, and handsome. He formed an unlikely friendship with Sean after Sean tutored him in high school. Brody was a misogynist who had dated many women at college. He dumped Olivia after discovering she was an even bigger narcissist than him. He was a fan of lithe, athletic, tanned women, like beach volleyball players. However, while he admired women with brains, like Erin and Olivia, he claimed to his friends that he preferred fawning bimbos, so everyone thought he just liked Baywatch babes.

Leonard was short and bespectacled, almost a cliché nerd. He hosted a Dungeons and Dragons game at the college that Sean and Erin attended. He'd never dated a girl, and had posters of ridiculously-proportioned manga girls on his bedroom walls. He wished one of them would come to life and fulfill his every desire.

Olivia was blond and beautiful, wealthy and reputation-driven. She was the head cheerleader at the same high school Sean, Erin, and Brody attended, and was also on the cheerleading team at college. Olivia dated handsome men like Brody to keep up appearances though, if she didn't care so much about her reputation, she would consider dating Sean. Most of all she loved herself, and secretly would like nothing more than to date herself if she could.

After the friends chatted for a while, the bartender approached and set an odd-looking bottle in the middle of their table before greeting them. “Welcome to the Rock Bottom Brewery, my new friends,” she said warmly. “As a welcome gift, I offer one of my finest brews, the ‘Fantasy IPA’.” She read the label for them: “Target and twist to make your fantasies come true". “Enjoy!” she added before moving to another table.

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