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13. Annita continues going to the

12. Heading back home

11. Into the mosque

10. Annita follows the woman

9. Annita runs into a muslim woma

8. Annita heads off to Church

7. Delia makes Ash up as a church

6. Delia decides to give Ash a ma

5. Ash goes to talk with his mom

4. Old Lady

3. Lifestyle Adjustment

2. Ash's Metamorphosis

1. The Drafting Board

Getting closer to Islam

on 2023-01-01 13:43:14

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Annita wasn't what it was that made her keep going back to the mosque. Maybe it had been that woman she saw the first time she went there. Or maybe the architecture of the mosque. She wasn't completely sure.

Perhaps that was why she was making her way back to the mosque. Dressed much as she had the previous time, she had remembered to put on the head scarf. It taken a couple attempts and watching a tutorial, the elderly woman had managed to make the head scarf look the same way as she had seen the woman have her. Though, Annita hadn't gotten her name. If she was somehow here, maybe she could get that as well.

"I wonder what she'll think of me." Annita thought as the mosque came into view. Scanning the area about, she looked for the mysterious woman. But as far as she could tell, they were nowhere in sight. Perhaps they were in the mosque proper. Picking up her pace while trying not to give way that she wasn't an old lady, Annita made quick time over there.

Slowing down once she reached the door to the woman's section, the elderly lady headed through. Inside, she looked around one more time. There she was. Slowly making her way over, Annita took care to not disturb anyone.

"Hello." the woman whispered as Annita matched her current pose. Tempted as she was to engage in some small talk, that could come after they were done praying. Nonetheless, she did her best to copy her. Much like the previous time, Annita felt a sense of modesty fall over her. Considering that this had occurred twice now, it most definitely wasn't a fluke.

Once finished, the pair got up.

"Would you like me to take you where I get my outfits?" the woman explained and Annita's face turned red. She had told Delia that she would be right back. But... the prospect of some new clothes did tickle her fancy.

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