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7. mom's request

6. Dinner

5. A Bra

4. swap body parts

3. The Next day

2. Family heritage

1. You Are What You Wish

Mom and dad need some help

on 2010-05-27 21:32:02

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Jon continued to play COD in just a bra and kept being reminded how different he was now. Any time he got excited and jump his boobs would jiggle around. Heck when he didn't do anything his boobs were jiggling around. This was really one of the strangest experiences he had ever had, and he was only going to experience more. He was poking his chest in various places when his mom walked in.

"Hate to interupt but your father and I need a favor." Mom said.

"Sure thing mom what can I do for you?" Jon said putting his hands to his side.

"Me and your father want to try something so just put this on." She said as she tossed Jon a pair of plain panties. "when you've done that put these on." she said tossing a pair of boxers to him.

"So you and dad are switching your junk with each other?" Jon said as he unzipped his pants knowing that no matter what he was going to go through with it one way or another.

"Yea your father suggested it and I agreed that it would be fun." Mom explained.

"In more ways than one huh." Jon commented as he took off his boxers and put on mom's panties. He felt a small tingle again and watched as his ass rounded out a bit and the strange bulge that was protruding from the Panty front receded and he felt nothing pushing out. "Wow this is different." Jon said as he ran his hand around his new ass and down the front of his groin.

"AHEM, please don't mess with my vagina to much. A touch here and there but do that when your going to have it for a while. Now if you would please finish up." Mom said as she spread her legs since having your dick was causing her pain.

"Fine, fine I was only curious." Jon said as he slipped his fathers boxers on recieving a noticeably larger package than his original one. He quickly put his own boxers back on recieving his penis back. He then tossed his mom back the clothes she had brought him as she steped out of her ill fitting panties and into your fathers boxers that fit her perfectly.

"Don't worry you get to keep my boobs untill tomorrow swetie. Now I want you in bed in 20 minutes so go brush your teeth." Mom said as she akwardly walked out of his room with his fathers penis between her legs.

"Oh gee thanks mom" he said quietly as he rubbed his boobs together. "Well i can still have fun with these." and he walked into the bathroom and started to brush his teeth. He watched his reflection, a normal boy with a bra and his mothers tits. He was entranced by the constant bounce they had as he moved his arm back and forth. Finally he rinced and spat but when he put his mouth under the foucet to get a drink he ended up being unable to reach because of his new boobs. He was forced to get a cup and fill it up to rinse which only added to the nuicence these boobs were. After that he took off his bra and let his boobs hang free as he laid in bed taking it all in. A magic rock, body switching power, and now he was laying in bed and would wake up with tits in the morning. Mom was right, life was sure going to get more intresting.

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