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6. Dinner

5. A Bra

4. swap body parts

3. The Next day

2. Family heritage

1. You Are What You Wish

Pass the milk

on 2010-04-08 05:03:07

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As Jon walked down the stairs to the dining room he tried to take in every aspect of his new anatomy. The slight sway from side to side was small and barely noticed due to the bouncing they were doing as he decended the stairs. Every step he took caused his new tits to move one way then another and the whole ordeal was quiet distracting. As he aproched the the door he started to have second thoughts. What would his family think about him? That he was a freak for gaining his power, perv for wearing his moms breast?

"Oh Jon!" his mom called. "We heard you come down the stairs and know you are standing at the door. Don't be embarrased the family has already seen what I look like and we're waiting for you. Now come in and hurry cause your food is getting cold." With that Jon opened up his door and faced his Mom, Dad, and sister. Deciding to get it over with he bent over showing off his breast and clevage then took his seat and started eating his veggies. The breast were once again proving to be a nucience as he kept mashing them has he would reach for the salt or put his head over the table as he took a bite. He found that the trick was to heave his chest on top of the table and try to give his clothing a lot of slack. He noticed that he was giving his family quite a show as they smiled as they watched his delima expecially his mom who was still shirtless and enjoying missing out on the fun Jon was having for one meal.

"So son it seems you've found my power." His dad said breaking the silence. "These next few years will either be the best of your life or the worst but remember its what you make it and I'm glad that your mother is seeing the glass half full. Zoe you shouldn't be ashamed of sharing with your brother either. We are all going to enjoy this as much as possible and as a family so get used to it. Also sweetie I think your rules are fair and will help maintain some order in this house. Lastly son as much as I like seeing your mothers boobs on display please be more sensitive with them. If your going to have womens parts your going to need to learn some manners with them. I don't want you going completely female but some decency would be helpful now and then. Well seriousness aside how are your enjoying your experience so far I remember when i used to hold on to my mothers breast for her and it was something else."

"Well dad I guess the biggest thing is its so new to me and their not all fun and games like I figured they would be. Also how do you eat with these things mom their such a distraction." Jon replied.

"Well years of practice I guess but that the most fun for me is how new it is. I never imagined being flat ever in my life after growing boobs at your age but now I'm just trying to live in the moment and enjoy it. I'm actually looking forward to doing the dishes with no huge breast in my way. Anyway its almost bedtime for you kids and trust me Jon you don't want to go to be with that bra on so I give you my permission to go to be topless since anything else will just change you back. Well you have an hour before bed time and I have anouther favor to ask you when I'm done with the dishes so hang tight for 10 minutes."

With that Jon left his plate and headed to his room to play X-box though he really didn't concentrate on the game.

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