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5. A Bra

4. swap body parts

3. The Next day

2. Family heritage

1. You Are What You Wish

Holding the Tits

on 2010-04-07 03:52:46

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A Jon lifted up his prize for the day he saw a plain bra.

"Oh wonderful!" mom exclaimed. "I've always wanted a way to take these things off off an get a break. I'm already loving this power. Now then do you have any questions on how to put it on cause your going to need to learn if we do this more often. Well to start take off your shirt."

As he stood in front of his mom shirtless as she put her bra around him Jon thought about what was really about to happen. In a couple seconds he really was going to be carrying a mature set of womens breasts. This was going to be something else, something that no man had ever experienced before, except maybe his father. For the rest of the day he was going to have his mothers C-cup breast. His mom then interupted his thoughts as she fastened the bra in the back and he felt a tingling in his chest. "Well here we go." Jon though as he and his mom stared as his chest. He felt it start expanding not painful but uncomfortable, like his chest was being filled with water as his skin stretched to acoomodate for the new flesh under it. It was a sight to see as Jon grew two orbs out of his chest. After a minute the tingling stopped he just stared at his chest. To be honest he wasn't all that impressed with them. His mom was in good shape but was imune the the trials of time as her chest had signs of sag marks though faint. He hefted his chest and was greeted by a feeling of pain as the breast came falling back down.

"Hurts a little doesn't it?" Mom inturupted as he was brought back to the awareness that she was there. "Go ahead and put your shirt back on if you want or mine if you prefer just make sure the bra stays on or else you'll be as flat as me. I tell you it feels so good to be topless right now with no pain on my back or distractions in front." For the first time Jon noticed that his mom was standing in front of him with no shirt or cover of any kind above her waste. She was patting her chest and shaking it getting used to the lack of weights on them. "Go ahead and touch them Jon just don't get to frisky. In fact here's a good time for you to learn a lesson about the sensitiveness of breasts." With that she quickly stepped over to Jon and gave her tits a hard squeeze.

"OW, OW, Stop!" Jon pleaded with his mom as she obliged. He then started massaging his newly aquired breasts with his hands.

"See Jon these aren't fun bags that most men think they are so your going to have to take good care of them not only because their mine, but because your the one who's going to pay immediatly for it. Though now I'm sorry I did that but it was an opportunity that I couldn't pass up, I've always wanted to do that to a man. Here you better wear my blouse now that you've got the top for it, and don't complain about it being a girls shirt the only people here are family and I made sure it would be a loose shirt otherwise it wouldn't fit your frame. I don't need my shirt anymore anyway since I don't have anything to cover up, Oh I love this power already! Well lets go down and eat dinner you've been out for a while and I told your father to make something, hopefully he didn't burn it, It'll be a nice way to show the family that this is real and what can be accomplished now." With that she skipped downstairs enjoying the freedom of a weightless chest leaving Jon still in his room putting on his mom's blouse.

"Well at least mom is going to be understanding with this and willing to have fun. Though she could have done without squeezing my boobs." Jon said as he continued to massage them through the fabric of the blouse. They were soft and heavy and due to his mom sore. He knew that he better get used to this as it was soon to become the norm around the house. With a final feel of his tits he sighed and walked towards the kitchen.

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