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4. swap body parts

3. The Next day

2. Family heritage

1. You Are What You Wish

Body parts

on 2010-03-30 22:07:39

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"Jon i guess the easiest way to do this is to show you." Mom said as she handed him a pair of gloves.

"Whats going on? What do you want me to do with a pair of gloves? They don't even look like they would fit me." Jon asked.

"Oh come on, is it that hard to figure out put them on. And don't say they won't fit just do what I ask and then you can ask questions." Now more curious than scared Jon slowly tried to put on the gloves. They were really tight and felt like they were going to cut off all circulation to his hands but then he felt a strange sensation in his hands. It felt like needles you feel in your hands after it was numb, like little needles pricking your skin. But this feeling passed soon and the gloves fit, well like a glove. Amazed Jon pulled his hands out of the glove and was suprised to see something different then what he was used to. The hand he now posesed was slim and looked like it belonged to a woman.

"Ok mom you've had your fun now please tell me whats going on. Whats wrong with my hands?" Jon demanded as he examined his hands.

"Oh fine I guess I promised you an explanation. First off theres nothing wrong with your hands there just not yours." She replied.

"Then whose are they?"

"There mine." Mom said as she held up her arms and Jon noticed for the first time that the hands attached to his mom were his. "Now if you won't rudely interupt me anymore I'll explain this power you now posses. As you can see you now have the power to swap your body parts with someone else every time you wear their clothes. If I gave you my bra you would have my breast attached to your chest right now, but lucky for you I started small. Yes you can trade any body part but the other person will know about it sooner or later and you will not have experience with those body parts. For example, if you have some how swapped with my entire body you would have no knowledge of how to behave or act like a women so be carefull with the parts you borrow. Now before you get carried away with your powers I'm going to set some ground rules. #1 You can not borrow body parts from me or any member of this family without permision. I don't want to be at the store only to find out that my boobs have disapeared. #2 Pranks are ok as long as you don't allow anyone to get to suspicious of your power, and try not to be too mean. #3 Help the family. If there is a way that we can use your power to make family life easier or more intresting please do so. You don't have to all the time but if I want to punish your brother or sister by swaping some parts onto or between them please be helpfull. #4 Please don't masturbate with any of the families equipment. Just because your wearing someones vagina it doesn't make it yours so don't violate it. Its ok to look just don't go to far unless you have permission from them to do so. Now I know you might be bitter about my putting rules on your powers but please remember its only for the safety of the family and keep things from getting out of hand. Now to show you I'm serious I'll let you pick one body part of mine to borrow for while. Just for fun though I'm going to bring you a pile of clothes and have you close your eyes and pick one out at random. Oh this family is definatly going to have some intresting days ahead of them. Just imagin the fun we're going to have this weekend when we go on the family camping trip and there will be nobody around, oh it will certainly be more intresting this year. Well ill be back with some clothes."

As his mom left Jon just sat confused on his bed. A lot had happened in the last few minutes. He had recieved a power, his mom and dad already knew about it. He got rules put on his powers, and now his mom wanted him to swap a body part with him and he was going to do it. As confused as he was he did agree with his mom when she said that the family was going to be much more intresting and he had the power of making it so. Soon his mom appeared in the door way with a variety of clothes from pants to a hair tie, even a necklace. She handed him a pair of his gloves so he could swap his hands back, and after he did his mom put her hand over his eyes as he put his hand into the pile and felt around. Making a small pinch he pulled out his hand to see he had picked a...

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