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3. The Next day

2. Family heritage

1. You Are What You Wish

Not what he expected

on 2010-03-21 18:41:56

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Jon woke up the next day excited about the power he would now have.

"I wonder what it is? Can I fly, shapeshift, turn invisible, or even super strength. Also I wonder if it was mom or dad who had this power? Do they both know about it? I wonder how I activate it?" Jon wondered aloud.

Jon then spent the next ten minutes trying to unleash his power. He tried every thing from jumping to trying to lift his desk but nothing. "Oh well I guess its going to take some time to figure out what power I have. Might as well eat some breakfast."

After breakfast Jon's mom came in with a basket of laundry, "Jon, will you go clean out the attic?" she asked.

"Awww, why do I have to mom? I was going to hang out with Karen today." Jon protested.

"Yes you do, we got a lot of your grandpa's old things that we are going to have to put up there so we need you to go make some space. If you work hard at it then I'll let you stop at noon and have your sister and brother finish it up."

Grumbling all the way Jon trudged upstairs into the dusty attic. This was supposed to be a fun day where he would be using a cool new power but instead it would be spent with his friend the dust. At least he would only have to work for about 3 hours then he was free for the rest of the day. After about an hour of grueling work Jon was moving one of his dads old boxes when the bottom fell out.

"Come on nothings going right today." As Jon started to pick up the dropped contents and putting them back when he picked up a strange box. Curious he opened it and as he did a light engulfed him then just as quickly as it had come he was left in darkness.

Some time later Jon woke up in his room with his mom sitting next to him.

"Wha what happened?" Jon asked.

"Stay clam sweetie, you just found your dads old box. Your not going to believe it but when your father was your age he found a strange box while out camping. He got a power but eventually the power went back in the box and didn't open for anyone. I don't know I never got to see it work but your father did show me some pictures and I believe him. I just never figured I would get the opportunity to see it work and now you have it. Oh this family is about to get more intresting though we shouldn't tell anyone, but i guess you can tell whoever you trust considering its power. Well why don't you try it out?" said mom excitedly.

"Mom hold on this is a lot to take in. What even is my power?" Jon asked.

"Oh thats right I go rambling on about how great its going to be and you don't even know what it is. Well considering its the same power your father had then that means you now have the ability to....."

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