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2. Family heritage

1. You Are What You Wish

Its all in the Family

on 2010-03-20 23:37:20

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That night Jon was sitting on his bed thinking about the day. This rock was going to be a lot more trouble then he expected, it had already made his best friend look like a blond bimbo. Though he knew it was dangerous he still wanted to have fun with the stone, do something that he couldn't do normally he had the world at his fingertips. At the same time this power was to powerful to only use wishes, to much could go wrong.

"What if I had the a power? Something weird that would freak out people if I used it in public but not as much at home or if I told someone." Jon pondered. "I know, I wish that tomorrow I will somehow gain a family power that one of my parents have had before but did not retain and that this wish can be ended at any time I want. There now I'll be the only one with the power but someone can help show me how to use it and I wont go to crazy with it."

With that Jon went to bed dreaming about what tomorrow had in store for him as he would have a cool power.

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