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13. Delia suggest plastic surgery

12. Annita wants a plumper body

11. Annita heads home

10. Punch and cookies

9. Annita makes it in time

8. Annita heads off to Church

7. Delia makes Ash up as a church

6. Delia decides to give Ash a ma

5. Ash goes to talk with his mom

4. Old Lady

3. Lifestyle Adjustment

2. Ash's Metamorphosis

1. The Drafting Board

Delia suggest plastic surgery

on 2022-12-25 14:40:01

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"Maybe you can go in for some plastic surgery to get all plumped up, dear." Delia explained, watching Annita look herself over. "Heck, we could even get the surgeon to do you up in such a way to get you all wrinkled to boot."

Taking a deep breath, Annita let her gaze return to her sister. She did make a good point. What good would be all plump if there weren't wrinkles and other marks to add to the illusion of her changed state?

"Thank you, Delia!" the elderly woman announced and got a nod in return. "When do you think we can start?

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