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12. Annita wants a plumper body

11. Annita heads home

10. Punch and cookies

9. Annita makes it in time

8. Annita heads off to Church

7. Delia makes Ash up as a church

6. Delia decides to give Ash a ma

5. Ash goes to talk with his mom

4. Old Lady

3. Lifestyle Adjustment

2. Ash's Metamorphosis

1. The Drafting Board

Annita wants a plumper body

on 2022-12-08 13:36:26

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Annita took a deep breath. While she hoped that that her 'sister' would understand the things she wanted to do with her body or at least the end goal to this - a new life for her.

"Well, I wouldn't getting a big more meat on my bones." the elderly lady explained, watching Delia examine her body. Sure, Annita could sort of pass for someone far older than she actually was. But that wasn't what Annita wanted. No, she wished to truly be an elderly woman in every sense of the phrase.

"You mean gain some weight?" Delia answered, getting what looks like a nod from Annita. Sure, this was a good start to getting to her goal. Though, there were variety of solutions one could use to reach that step. For starters, it could be something simple as getting some surgeries done to shape the former trainer into the woman she wished to eagerly to be.

Though if Annita didn't want to commit to having surgery done, there was always just plumping her up with some kind of special diet. Sure, it would probably take longer than going the route of plastic surgery, but it would probably be cheaper option.

Even then, there was maybe an option she was probably forgetting here.

What does Delia suggest?

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