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11. At the mall

10. On the way to the bus

9. "Try an obvious lie"

8. Bringing Karyn in for brainsto

7. Zoe and Karyn at the Mall

6. An inadvertant change

5. Zoe Leaves for the Mall

4. Junk Food Before Dinner

3. First Target: Zoe

2. A New Truth 2

1. You Are What You Wish

Always Truthful Jon: The Mall

on 2022-12-17 23:48:08
Episode last modified by Dargozo on 2022-12-18 15:42:02

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A twenty minute bus ride later and Jon and Karyn were standing in front of the mall. It was a pretty large building with a huge fountain out front. Jon could see signs in the windows advertising sales of various items. One that particularly caught his eye was an ad featuring a beautiful pencil skirt that he thought would look so good on him. Overall though he noticed just how dead this mall seemed. There was hardly anybody there today, considering it was Saturday.

"Wow, big crowd today huh", he said sarcastically to Karyn as they stood by the fountain. She glanced around, seeing the hundreds of people moving in and out of the mall. It was a pretty normal sight all things considered. Just then a beep caught Karyn's attention. She took her phone out of her skirt pocket and read a text.

"Zoey just texted me, she said she can meet us at the food court in like thirty minutes. So that gives us time to do a little shopping don't ya think?"

"Yeah ok", Jon said as he started walking towards the store he saw when they first got here. He wanted to try on that skirt he saw. Karyn followed him into the department store and the pair began to browse the aisles of clothes. Jon was almost done picking out a few different skirts when a store employee came up to him. Jon's eyes were immediately drawn to the largest breasts he'd ever seen. Even though large breasts were a part of life these were particularly gargantuan.

"Hi there, do you need help finding anything today?", The employee bounced up and down slightly as she spoke, Jon could feel his panties tightening. It was all he could do to finally wrest his gaze away from the woman's chest and focus on her eyes.

"Umm, uh, n-no that's ok, I found it. But um, where are the fitting rooms?", He managed to ask her.

"Well they're right there", she said pointing towards a door in the corner. "You can use the one there", she added. Jon nodded and thanked her before awkwardly shuffling his way to the dressing room hoping nobody could see the tent forming in his skirt.

Once inside he locked the door to the dressing room and laid out the clothes he wanted to try on. He couldn't stop thinking about that employee's tits though. Even though he had a nice pair of his own, he was still a man and that meant he loved breasts. Jon pulled his current pleated skirt down revealing a sizeable bulge in his panties. "Ugh, great, this probably wont go away on it's own". After all, once he got started it was almost impossible for his erections to go down on their own. He was usually careful, but that employee's tits now dominated his mind. He tried to clear his mind so he could focus on what he came here to do; try on that skirt.

Jon slid the tight fitting pencil skirt up his legs and over his bulge. He admired himself in the mirror, turning this way and that so he could see how he looked from every angle. The subtle tightness of the garment felt nice and it made his ass look fantastic. He wasn't normally very concerned with the size of his butt, but he was glad to see this skirt accentuated it nicely.

He tried on a few other skirts and blouses, but ultimately decided on just the pencil skirt. Just as he had slipped his old pleated skirt back on, his phone chimed. Looking at it he saw that it was an image of a makeup stand focused towards more feminine men, accompanied by a text from Zoey that read 'I found the perfect birthday gift for you, bro. The sales dude is cute too ;D'. Jon sighed and put his phone away. Ever since his breasts started growing in Zoey had made up her mind that he had to be girly and gay, even though he was a man and into women. He was sick of it at this point. "I swear, the way she talks sometimes it's like I'm some femboy or something.", He muttered to himself as he left the dressing room stall and walked towards the checkout counter with a slight sway to his hips that wasn't there before.

After paying for his new skirt, Jonnie waited outside the store for Karyn to come meet him. He reached up and awkwardly played with his ponytail while glancing around hoping to find his friend in the crowd of people. His small stature made it so he was nervous about being in crowds, afraid he might get pushed around or worse.

Finally after what felt like an eternity, Karyn emerged from the store and approached Jon. She had several shopping bags filling her hands. She walked up next to him and smiled, looking him over. "So how did it look?" She asked excitedly. "Did you like it? Did you buy it?"

"Yes absolutely! It's super cute, I'll put it on and show you later when we get back to my place!", Jonnie replied, while having a hard time containing his excitement. He was also having a hard time concealing his erection. It still hadn't gone down of course, but his pleated skirt kept the bulge from showing too obviously. Though there were some knowing glances that found their way to him. Jonnie decided that something had to be done about this.

"Hey Karyn, I'm going to go use the restroom before lunch, you go meet up with Zoey and I'll meet you two there"

"Ok, no problem, I'll save you a seat"

Jonnie quickly hurried into the nearest men's restroom and darted into the first open stall. He closed the door behind him and sat down. He immediately pulled his skirt up and his panties down, revealing the rock hard erection he had.

Tentatively, Jonnie reached down and took hold of his hard cock. It felt amazing to finally touch it again after so long. "Ohh yeah, ohhh yes", he moaned as his hand moved up and down the length of his shaft. It felt incredible, he was so sensitive today for some reason. With his other hand he slid it under his shirt to squeeze his large breast and began to tease one of his nipples. A few moments of that and he was almost ready to cum.

Jonnie's breathing quickened and he started to moan louder as he rubbed his cock faster and harder. He began to buck his hips forward trying to push his hard dick deeper into his palm. "Ahhhhhh", he cried out as his balls tightened and the cum rushed up his shaft. "Fuck... I'm gonna cum!"

Jonnie pulled his hand away from his cock just in time to shoot rope after rope of cum onto the floor. His body convulsed as he came,his cock bouncing back and forth in time with his orgasmic spasms. Finally he fell backwards onto the toilet seat, panting heavily. His whole body shook as he slowly recovered. "That.... was.... amazing....", He managed to mutter softly.

Knowing he couldn't spend too much time here before people got suspicious he began to clean up. grabbing some toilet paper, he quickly wiped off his cock and balls. He grabbed another bunch of TP to clean up the mess on the floor. Once that was done he put his skirt back on and walked out of the bathroom and headed toward the food court, a cute satisfied smile on his face.

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