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11. Annita heads home

10. Punch and cookies

9. Annita makes it in time

8. Annita heads off to Church

7. Delia makes Ash up as a church

6. Delia decides to give Ash a ma

5. Ash goes to talk with his mom

4. Old Lady

3. Lifestyle Adjustment

2. Ash's Metamorphosis

1. The Drafting Board

Back at home

on 2022-12-08 13:23:48

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The actual walk back is surprisingly quick for Annita. Though within, it felt as if she had left a whole different world entirely - one that accepted her as the old lady she wanted to be, rather than the trainer she was.

"Welcome home, dear." Delia greeted as her 'daughter' entered the dining room. "How was your first day of church? Did you have a lot of fun?"

Annita nodded. She couldn't wait to tell her 'mother' about her day at church.

"Everyone thought I was an old lady." Annita explained and took the time to sit down at the table. As she did that, Delia handed her a cup of tea. "Thank you."

"Of course." Delia answered, looking away at the moment. It felt odd to see Annita like this. Sure, she was still technically Ash to an extent. But somehow not. For once, her child actually seemed quite happy. When was the last time she could actually say that?

"Though, I would like to make some further adjustments." Annita explained, getting a double take from her mother. Surely she understood this was just the start of her new life? It would be such a waste for this to be a one-off. Especially now that she had met someone who really liked this version of her. Why would she ever want to return to just being Ash of all people? That was absurd.

"What do you have in mind?"

What further adjustments did Annita have in mind?

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