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13. Jon and Karyn bump into Sarah

12. Jon and Karyn go for a walk

11. Jon called Karyn Over

10. Jon uses his Index Finger on N

9. Jon uses his Index Finger on N

8. Jon uses his Index Finger on Z

7. Jon uses his Pinkie Finger on

6. Jon uses his Pinkie Finger on

5. Testing the wish on Zoe

4. Testing the wish at home

3. Jon's Decision

2. Moral Issues (remastered)

1. You Are What You Wish

SS: Three bitches in a park

avatar on 2009-05-26 10:50:13

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So, what do you get when you have a girl and a guy with a girl's body and dog legs walking in a park? Well when no one notices, it's just a guy and a girl having a stroll. That was the case here. Jon and Karyn had entered the central park grounds. Karyn was perfectly normal of course; however Jon was feeling a little less human.

Thanks to his wish powers, he currently possessed the torso of his sister, the legs of his dog, and his sister's undergarments. Of course, to the average person who knew Jon, he really should be wearing boy's clothes thanks to the wish. But luckily the park was full of strangers and no one expected that of him.

Jon and Karyn took in the sun from the clear day overhead as they walked through the park together, talking casually about everything from relationships to problems with teachers at school. As time went on Karyn continued to lose interest in the fact that Jon was not himself, she just saw Jon as Jon, not a magically enhanced body thief.

As they walked, Jon and Karyn continued to chat with each other, Jon occasionally stopped to look around, mainly to see if anyone was reacting to his freaking appearance, but Karyn could recognize the look of disappointment in his eyes as he realized that the cool wish he had was going unnoticed by others.

However as Jon's discussion of his new body kept being the centre of attention for the discussions as time went on Karyn realized that Jon was growing to love his new body, even though the parts did not belong to him. Especially the way Jon had stopped referring to the parts he swapped as "Zoe's breasts and pussy" or Nikita's legs, and more "his legs" and "his breasts and pussy".

Eventually Karyn and Jon stopped by the lake, Karyn sat down on the park bench and Jon sat in a very dog like way on his hind legs, using his forelegs to keep him propped up as most dogs did when the were commanded to sit. Jon sighed and closed his eyes, leaning back to soak in the sunlight on his face.

"This really kicks ass", Jon said with a lazy smile.

Karyn was just silent, Jon continued.

"You know, it is kinda freaky that I'm wearing my sister's body and dogs legs, but I really do love this body", Jon said, "It'll be a pity when I have to give it back", he added lazily, almost as if he was dozing off and didn't realized he was saying it.

Karyn leaned back in the chair, propping herself up with her hands and closing her eyes, she was calm and content, really didn't care anymore about Jon's shape, even her new breasts were becoming more familiar to her as time went on. She was beginning to feel a twinge of regret that they'd be gone soon, she wouldn't really mind keeping them as long as she had a decent bra at least!

"Well, well, well", a voice said from behind, it snapped Karyn out of her daydream and back to reality. She turned around and opened her eyes, trying to identify the source of the voice calling her.

"If it isn't the two bitches", the voice said.

Karyn looked over and saw the source of the voice, groaning in annoyance as she found who the source was, Sarah McMillan.

Karyn watched Sarah as she walked around the park bench and in front of where Karyn and Jon were sitting. Sarah was dressed in a pale pink sweatsuit, with an iPod earpiece hanging from her ear, further down was a timer strapped around her wrist. Sarah was taking her pulse as she jogged on the spot in front of Karyn and Jon.

"Fuck off Sarah", Karyn said, "We were having a nice time until you showed up"

When Karyn and Jon were younger, they first encountered Sarah McMillan, she was the top cheerleader at their high school, the one chick everyone wanted to sleep with, well except of course Jon, he always wanted Karyn but was too afraid to ask her. But Sarah used to lord her power over everyone, a long time ago Karyn and Jon were her favourite targets but as they reached the end of high school, they realized that it was just easier to stand up to her then shy away "plotting revenge".

Somewhere in a parallel universe, Jon and Karyn probably would have used the stone to get their revenge on Sarah in a multitude of ridiculous ways, but those days of immaturity were behind them, and soon, Sarah would be too.

Sarah looked at Karyn, and then back to Jon, and then Karyn again, "What's wrong? Don't like the fact that you're friend with a mutt?" she asked.

Before Karyn was reminded of Jon's swap, she could also remember that Sarah used to pick on Jon a lot for the fact that he was part dog and part girl. The "Bitch" comment in particular used to stick with Jon, considering that as far as she knew, he was always a guy that just looked like a girl, so it was still a sore nerve for Karyn, while Jon just ignored it. He hadn't experienced the altered reality that Karyn had.

"Shouldn't you be behind the bus shed with your ankles around your ears, Sarah?" Jon asked half-heartedly, "Or are you just trying to recover a bit of stamina before your next slut session?"

Sarah looked back at Jon, checking him out closely, looking for any sort of weakness she could exploit. Sarah knew it was harder to keep up with these two since they had started taking a stand; she needed to end up on top regardless of the cost. She checked Jon and Karyn over before doing a double take of Jon. A smirk formed on her glossy lips, she had her opening.

"Well, well, well. The bitch is dressing like one today", Sarah said smugly, "What happened? Finally realize the truth that you're not a guy, you're just a fucking joke of a girl?"

"Piss off Sarah before I make you eat your iPod", Karyn threw back.

Jon just ignored Sarah as she continued to berate him, "Terrible fashion sense though, whose clothes are those? Yours Karyn? That explains the fucking shocking style"
Karyn sighed, she wasn't going to give into those games, Karyn just tried to do her best to ignore her. Jon on the other hand was listening intently to every word Sarah said.

"Well, you know what they say about putting lipstick on a pig " Sarah scoffed, laughing all the while.

Sarah pulled her iPod out from her jacket and started thumbing through the playlist, looking for the next track to play.

Jon just stood there looking at Sarah, "One warning, go away", he said simply, before closing his eyes again.

"Oh yea, what are you going to do about it?" Sarah challenged. Tucking the iPod back into her pocket.

Sarah crossed her arms and looked at Jon curiously with an evil grin on her lips, "What's a bitch like you going to do?"

Karyn just looked at Jon, as Jon grinned at Sarah.

Oh, this was going to be a fun day, Karyn thought.

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