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12. Jon and Karyn go for a walk

11. Jon called Karyn Over

10. Jon uses his Index Finger on N

9. Jon uses his Index Finger on N

8. Jon uses his Index Finger on Z

7. Jon uses his Pinkie Finger on

6. Jon uses his Pinkie Finger on

5. Testing the wish on Zoe

4. Testing the wish at home

3. Jon's Decision

2. Moral Issues (remastered)

1. You Are What You Wish

SS: Come on Jon-boy, time for walkies!

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"Ok, so where do you wanna go for a walk to?" Karyn asked, opening the front door for Jon so he could walk out. The downside of having dog legs was that the ability to reach up and open a door was now gone for him, however on the plus side; it was still pretty cool, he wasn't sure he could believe it himself even though the magic worked. He was quite literally part guy, part girl and part canine.

Jon trotted past Karyn on Nikita's legs and headed outside; Karyn followed behind and pulled the door closed.

"Just remember, you owe me for this still. We're going to fix me up once we finish with the walk", she said as a reminder before locking the door for Jon.

Jon turned around and looked back at her, "Yea, no problems. We know how to do it now anyway"

Karyn nodded and followed after Jon who was already at the end of the footpath, it was strange to see him like that, on the one hand, she had always known him as the guy with a chicks body on dog legs, but on the other hand, after Jon told her, it was so obvious that it was out of place here. And that Jon's sister, whom she had seen for every day for the last 16 years was also out of place with her male body. Not to mention the painfully obvious that a one year old dog has arms and legs that look like they belong to a woman's body.

Karyn was feeling like she'd just been on a game show and got a ridiculously obvious starter question wrong. How could she have not seen this before? But then she was reminded of the magic of the stone.

That thing is much more powerful then we originally thought, she thought to herself.

Karyn caught up to Jon who was trying to figure out which way to go, she stood beside him and waited for him to make up his mind. Jon was craning his neck backwards and looking around, for someone who's had dog legs for such a short time, he seemed to be getting used to them very fast. It was almost like he had always had them his entire life, the movements here was making were almost dog-like in nature themselves. It started Karyn thinking on whether something else was happening with Jon.

Jon figured out which way they were headed and went off that way. He was headed in the general direction of the town centre, which, depending on the route you took, passed the mall and the park on the way. Jon trotted on his merry way, almost in a gallop on his dog legs, Karyn had to jog lightly to keep pace with him.

"Hey Jon, slow down boy!" Karyn called out as she caught up with him, "You're going too fast for me"

Jon slowed his pace and looked back over his shoulder as best he could, "Sorry, getting a little carried away", he replied, "You really have to try this! It's amazing. I mean I'm super fast and everything. I thought that being part human still would have restricted my speed but it doesn't"

Karyn didn't say anything; she just followed on behind Jon.

"You know", Jon added as an afterthought, "You could always try this yourself. I'm pretty sure I can remember what the wish was that gave me these powers so you can have them too"

Karyn looked at him with a slight bit of discomfort on her face, "Um, maybe later Jon. Definitely not with your sister's body anyway", she replied.

"You thought it was my body until I told you"

"Yea and things have gotten considerably weirder since then.

Jon and Karyn continued to chat as they went on their trip, Karyn started to forget that Jon had switched body parts and was lapsing into her memories of Jon always being this way. Jon was thoroughly enjoying his new body. Even showing off how fast he was by sprinting back and forth between made-up goals on the route. Each time returning panting and completely out of breath, cursing to himself that his breasts hurt from the jiggling all the time.

"You should have worn a sports bra, Jon", Karyn replied, "That would have kept them from moving around too much"

"Yea, well when I switched with Zoe, she was wearing normal clothes, I didn't really get changed after that", Jon answered.

"You went into her room anyway to get some of her other clothes, you couldn't have changed then?"

"I didn't know I was going to steal my dog's legs and go for a run Karyn, after that point it got to be a little harder to get changed once I had Nikita's paws", Jon challenged.

Karyn sighed, Jon had a point she supposed. But still, it was his own fault. But all the talk about breasts brought Karyn's thoughts back to her own larger then normal rack. She looked down at her breasts and gave them a squeeze, sighing in the meantime. When she looked back up, she found Jon had stopped and was looking back at her.

"What?" she demanded almost embarrassed that she was nearly playing with herself in public.

"I want to be honest with you, they do suit you", Jon said quietly, before turning around and trotting off.

"Yea, well they're growing on me", Karyn replied sarcastically, "Literally. And if we can't fix this, I'll have to live with them"

"Well if you don't like them you can always get them reduced the old fashioned way", Jon suggested, "I mean, personally I think you shouldn't"

Karyn scoffed, "Of course you don't, boys only think of one thing!"

"It's not that Karyn, it's just that surgery really scars and damages you in ways you can't even think of beforehand. I think that if we don't get them reversed, you shouldn't get surgery", Jon said.

"Eh, I suppose your right, but this wish proves that you can reverse it", Karyn answered.

Jon chuckled, "Yea, or at least wish it so you like having them that size"

Karyn kicked Jon gently in the butt, "No you will not!" she said, "You're not screwing around with my head anymore then you already have mister!"

Jon ran off ahead of Karyn, laughing the whole time, Karyn chased after Jon and had to admit it was hard to keep up. Eventually they got near the park and stopped running. Jon was waiting for Karyn at the gates.

Karyn pointed to the sign as she caught up, "Hey Jon, looked like we should have brought Nikita's leash"

Jon looked at where she was pointing; it was a sign saying that all dogs had to be restrained on the park grounds. Jon looked at Karyn for a moment, both of them burst out laughing before entering the park.

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