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2. Jon Gibson's Dream

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon Gibson's Dream

avatar on 2009-05-16 13:23:20

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Jon got home that evening, did his homework, had dinner with his family, and went to bed. But his mind was preoccupied. Everything he did reminded him of Karyn, and how she had screwed herself up with a one-off wish. He didn't know what to do, but he went to bed early, at 9:00, with a restless mind.

And he dreamt. He was in a dark void, seemingly alone, until he heard a voice calling his name. He turned around and saw that Karyn was right behind him, close enough to make him jump backwards, but without any of the modifications of the afternoon's wish. "Help me, Jon," she said, her face an absolute deadpan. Karyn then slowly raised her right arm from its position at her side so that she was pointing straight at Jon. Unsettled by the vision before him, Jon stepped away as Karyn repeated, "Help me, Jon."

Jon walked backwards a bit faster, and Karyn took a slow step forward, her arm still outstretched, her face still blank. Somehow to Jon, it felt like he hadn't gotten any distance away from her, even though he was moving much faster. "Help me, Jon," she called again. Jon turned away from Karyn and began to run as Karyn said for a fourth time, "Help me, Jon." It sounded farther away this time, but as Jon looked over his shoulder, Karyn seemed to be the same distance.

She took another step forward, but when the foot came down, Jon found himself shaken to the floor as a sneaker as tall as his body slammed down just behind him. Jon steadied himself against the ground as he looked upwards to see a gigantic Karyn above him. In the void, Jon's depth perception was gone. He had gotten farther away from Karen, but she'd been growing along with the distance that Jon put between them.

Karyn's voice came booming down again, "Help me, Jon," and as he looked up, he saw his gigantic friend's face grimace. "Help me," came the voice again, but with pain behind it. Then Jon noticed Karyn's bust begin to swell, and her hair begin to lighten. He could only sit below and watch as the Karyn he grew up with morphed in slow motion into the Karyn that had been created that afternoon, her face screwing itself up more as the changes grew further.

As the changes neared their finish, Karyn's body began to tremble and she squeaked out a final whisper of, "Help," before her legs began to bend at the knees. Jon quickly stood up, but before he could react, the giant form before him collapsed, landing on top of him and smothering him.

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