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10. Liberation

9. The Big Portal

8. Krit and Knat

7. Fighting Krit

6. New Hecklers

5. My Points

4. Blade Spirit

3. Random Options

2. Let's try this out

1. The Future of Gaming

Bashing the Bandits

avatar on 2022-10-13 21:12:07
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As I looked down at the situation, I saw about 45 bandits attacking the first village. There were still more that were going to the other villages. This must have been an extremely massive raid that was planned. It did not seem like there were any reinforcements on the way to help them. It seemed that they were focusing on the valley. It was good for them. The bandits were not really heading north towards the mountains. This was a big opportunity for us to go down and advance ourselves. Facing Krit back in the village gave me enough exp. to get to level 2. It was time for some more damage. I put the skill point into Power. I remembered what I read from the mechanics of the blade spirits in the game. They were all blade spirits, so they advanced by killing things with their weapons. When they hit certain milestones, they got massive 15% boosts to a single discipline at random. It started at 5 and went on to 10, 25, 65, 170, 445, 1165, 2000, and then every thousand after that. Once they met 3 milestones, they could evolve their weapon form and get a 15% boost in all disciplines.

Being that they were NPCs, they would likely go for it unless influenced not to by someone else. As a Player, I had the same milestones along with my basic leveling up system. I looked at Shank and pointed down at the total chaos. It was a prime opportunity for us to advance and get some good exp. Shank did not see it. "Why should we help them? These humans look weak." he said dismissively. I groaned and gestured around. "Look at those bandits. We can go kill them to sharpen ourselves and get used to combat. We actually can't lose here. Either we win and a hero from the villages wields us to victory, or the bandits win and they take us to stronger people in their camp." With that explanation, he was all for it. "Let's go then!" he chuckled. The others were just going along. Shanks and I were the only ones that wanted to go through the portal. It made sense that they were more reluctant. We ran down the hill and into the first village. Only the weak and infirm were left behind with those that wanted to protect them. The bandits were going through the houses for loot to steal. We engaged.

Catching them off guard was one thing, but they made it too easy. It was not until one of them screamed out in terror did I know what was happening. We were spirits. It meant that we were all supernatural creatures. These bandits were mostly human with a few half-elves and half-orcs in the mix. It was not possible for the full blooded humans to see us unless they were given an ability to. To them, floating weapons were just going around and slaughtering their comrades. "It's a bunch of blade spirits doing it. Keep your guard up! We have a fight on our hands." a half-elf said. Some of them grouped together back to back to defend themselves. That was more than fine with us. There was still a lot of bandits still looting to kill. By the time things got to the point where they realized they were the only ones left, it was too late. Those five were the only survivors. They fled the village screaming in fear. Some of the more deft of them still had their loot with them as they ran. Shank told us to move on to the next village. We were covered in blood from our kills. It was a pretty gory sight for me.

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