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6. It worked and Steve became a y

5. Risk and Reward . . .

4. Bad News . . .

3. A quick purchase . . .

2. A man who's down on his luck .

1. Altered Fates

A possibility to make it

on 2022-10-13 16:05:19

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Steve pondered what he could do, an idea could work if the medallion works, he asked Leah (his wife) if she still had some of her old clothes from before she got pregnant and was in better shape, she did and told her the idea if the medallion worked, he could become her as a stripper using her ID and clothes, and he could hopefully make money till he can find more permanent work as himself, Leah thought about it and let him know that she did work as a stripper before she met Steve, she still had some her stuff and she agreed to this plan if it worked, he could leave the house at night and dance, secretly she always was bi, and would love to do it with a woman again, but better because it would with both her and her husband. Steve put the medallion on and...

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