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3. Special cards

2. Jon's Experiments

1. You Are What You Wish

It's All in the Cards

on 2012-06-24 21:53:58

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As Jon thought about what he could do, he got an idea. "I wish that I had a stack of cards, and each one had a type of clique such as goth, jock, nerd, cheerleader, and others, or a type of people like teen girl, teen boy, little girl, sexy woman, or other random kinds of people and personalities, written on it, and that there could be multiples of the same card, and variations of the same kind." Jon said as the stone glowed, granting his wish. As the bright flash died down, the stack of cards was in his hand.

Jon looked through the stack, seeing the ones he listed as well as some of the others. For example, there were "goth" cards, but there was also varieations that said "goth girl" specifically for example. There was also stuff like "slut" and "motherly woman" and many, many more.

Now it was time for the second part of his wish. "I wish that these cards would now disappear and then each one would reappear in random places throughout the town and be facedown, and when someone sees a card, they will pick it up to see what it is and read what is written on it out loud, and then their personality would change and be like what the card says on it for the next two weeks and the card will disappear for good. I wish that some one can only be under the effect of one card at a time, and that no one will find anything strange about how someone is acting if under the effects of a card." When Jon finished, there was another bright light, and the cards were now gone from his hand.

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