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2. Jon's Experiments

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's Experiments

on 2008-10-31 02:18:16

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Jon sat on the edge of his bed, watching the rock sparkle in the dim light of his room. He knew that he held infinite power in his hands, and he also knew that that could be dangerous. He would have to think very carefully about how he worded his wishes, especially after seeing what Karyn had done to herself.

"As long as I'm careful," he said quietly to himself, "I can do almost anything."

Jon gave a great deal of thought about what he would try wishing for next. He had always been interested in behavior. The way people acted, and interacted with each other and reacted to different situations. He had even thought about studying psychology in college. Perhaps, he thought, this could be an interesting way to experiment. He could test the very limits of perception, he had the power to mold the personalities of anybody like play-doh. He could even experiment with his own mind. It was like the perfect drug. Except its misuse could have even worse consequences.

Jon felt driven more by curiosity than anything else. But he couldn't help but feel almost... aroused by the infinite possibilities before him. Finally, his mind made up about his first wish, Jon began to speak...

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