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216. A Nuisance

215. Win It Again

214. Grudge Match

213. Discovered

212. The Mermen

211. Water Meeting

210. Vassalage

209. Heat Clan

208. Consequences

207. Bunker Down

206. Total Assault

205. A Big Injury

204. Back In Town

203. Lightning Clan

202. Return Trip

201. Stolen Goods

200. Hacking Success

199. Hack Him

198. Toxic Organ

197. In Nova City

Escaping With My Life

avatar on 2022-09-27 21:00:32

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After returning my stuff, they said "The reward is your life. Get out before we revoke that reward." the female leaser said. I just spat in her face as I left. She was besides herself in anger. She called guards. Those were PEP units that were part of the clan. I gunned them down as I ran out the house. I had to make it all the way out of their territory and make it to my car. It was a dead sprint. I only turned to shoot the rifle if I thought that they were gaining on me. Once I was at the border of the property, I jumped over the ropes. That did not stop my persueres. They did not care if they were seen. They wanted me dead for real. Once I was on the private property, it was a dash through the yards and over the small metal fence at the front. I was on the street and jumped into my car before locking the door. I took a moment to catch my breath. This was a big mistake. One of the PEP units smashed out the windows with a punch. He was choking me out. I stepped hard on the gas and the car got me out of harms way. They pulled out guns and shot at my car windows. I was long gone though.

My job was now done. I asked myself if we were fine from now on out loud. The answer I came to was a resounding no. Water Clan was probably baying for my blood right now. They will probably be actively seeking the bounty for our heads from now on as well. That was fine with me. I could kill anyone that came after me. I did not want to keep being hounded by the whole PEP population of the continent though. The fewer enemies on us would be better. Unfortuneately Water Clan was our mortal enemies. My getaway car was waiting in exactly the right spot. I would not have been able to outrun them for much longer. I was now scott free. I was nearly hyperventilating from the stress and exhertion as I drove. I got the hell out of there before they could get anything to chase me down with. I was more than done with the deadly Water Clan for now. That was not such a great series of events though. I was just lucky I was on my own. I don't think I could have gotten Mason through all of that alive. One relief was that it was simply one major thing off of our list.

Really, all I could do now was hope that both Paul and Brett were having similar success. Or maybe a better success than I had. We could use all the wins that we could get. I think that these could put us on top of the pack when it came to the other clans on the continent. Especially, after putting Water Clan in its place. Well... not so much as put them in their place. I definitely knocked them down a peg or 2. I wished that we could be there to see that. We returned home to wait for them to come back to us. Orange and his girlfriend were taking a stroll outside the cab depot. They were holding hands and smiling. I got out and walked up to them. "Hey. I have not met you before. I am Brianne. Orange has told me so much about you." She looked at me in surprise. I did just come out of a car that looked like it was just in a fire fight in the streets. It looked that way because it literally did just come out of a fire fight. "Oh? Are you his boss? You don't quite resemble the description he gave me." she asked. I shook my head. "I run the cabs. It and Red Grind are run by the same company."

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