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212. Cold Clan

211. Cold Meeting

210. Vassalage

209. Heat Clan

208. Consequences

207. Bunker Down

206. Total Assault

205. A Big Injury

204. Back In Town

203. Lightning Clan

202. Return Trip

201. Stolen Goods

200. Hacking Success

199. Hack Him

198. Toxic Organ

197. In Nova City

196. Toxic AEP

195. Impact AEPs

194. The Convoy

193. More Twins

Squashing the Beef

on 2022-09-27 20:51:01
Episode last modified by 1Ryguy1 on 2022-10-01 20:33:56

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Like we thought, they did not rush to attack. They saw we were fine. "We finally got your message. We wanted to talk to your clan. Getting shot like this every single time we need to use the road is ridiculous. Is there anyway I can convince you to stop pursuing the bounty?" I heaved through the pain. The AEP units looked at each other. It seemed they were not expecting this. "Why would we? Human can't do anything on their own. That's why most of you need augments to keep up with us in the first place." 04-002 said. 04-003 said "Yeah. I want to get revenge for 04-001." "Shouldn't you call into the rest of the clan to see what they say?" Mason asked gently. They both frowned. Neither wanted to do that, but it seemed that it was right on the money. 04-002 pulled out a walkie talkie from his motor bike. "04-002 speaking. We have a situation." he said. He then explained what we wanted over the line. He was told that he was needed to guide us to their clan building. They did not like that, but needed to obey it. They got on their bikes and I got in my sedan. I followed them down the road.

My car was able to keep up with them. However, they were going slow purposefully to make sure they did not leave us behind. When we got over there, the AEPs were glaring at us really hard. They were not happy to see us. I did not care about them. The Cold Clan was using a ice cream parlor as a front. They had several flavors on offer. They only had 5 PEP units working there. In the basement was their main hall. They allowed us to sit in the parlor. They did not want to serve us anything. We saw all 3 AEP units wandering the store and giving soft serve to people. I looked at them and thought they were not the right look for it. They were wearing what appeared to be leather catsuits. I did not know why the human patrons thought it was a good idea to eat here. Maybe because they were really hot. Eventually one of the PEP units had a break and came over. "What brings you here?" she asked. I looked at her and said "We want you to stop attacking us. Apparently, 50 million is not enough." There was a smile on her face. "We could use some fresh blood. Give us some halfbreeds."

Now that was something that we could do. There were 2 female PEP units. Mason got to take one and I got the other. The one I had was a d-cup MILF type that pat my head and whispered things to keep me going while I was fucking her. She was goading me on with light insults and stuff the whole time. I found it really hot. The cyborg made my want to breed her harder, faster and longer. She got to orgasm once from me before I blew my load. It felt really good. Mason was being absolutely dominated by his partner. I just watched as he was being milked for his cum. When he blew his third load, he begged to be let go. Mason was whimpering and tearing up. She got off of him and walked away without a second glance. "Can we go now?" he asked me as he languished on the bed. His hips hurt and I could see the marking on him. It was sad. Why this only happened to him was a mystery. He did have that vulgar look to him, but that could not be all of it. I helped him up and he winced in pain. "We're done. I remember what we asked. We're going back home now, I promise." I told him.

Only giving halfbreeds was our job. Our job done. I asked if we were fine from now on. "Cold Clan will no longer be seeking the bounty for your heads. That does not mean that all attempts on your life will stop." the leader said with a smug look. That was fine with me. I could kill anyone that came after me. I did not want to keep being hounded by the whole PEP population of the continent though. The fewer enemies on us the better. On the street, our getaway car waiting for us. We drove off and we were scott free. Mason was hyperventilating as I drove. Like we promised, we got the hell out of there. We were done with the Cold Clan and that was great. It was one major thing off of our list. All I could do was hope that Paul and Brett were having similar success. We could use the wins. I think these could put us on top of the pack. Especially, after putting Water Clan in its place. I wished that we could be there to see that. We returned home to wait for them to come back to us. Orange and his girlfriend were taking a stroll outside the cab depot. They were holding hands and smiling.

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