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207. Bunker Down

206. Total Assault

205. A Big Injury

204. Back In Town

203. Lightning Clan

202. Return Trip

201. Stolen Goods

200. Hacking Success

199. Hack Him

198. Toxic Organ

197. In Nova City

196. Toxic AEP

195. Impact AEPs

194. The Convoy

193. More Twins

192. Hard Alliance

191. Radioactive AEPs

190. Dysthymia Row

189. Some Mercy

188. Half AEP

Going to Gamble

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You could not catch us out doing stupid shit for 2 weeks in-game. The cyborgs all knew that they could just stay in their rooms or look at stuff in the labs. None of them had any needs except for Orange. Due to his favor, he got himself a girlfriend. That was fine with me and Brett. They did not seem to have sex, but just date. I thought it was cute as long as he kept his wits about him. That left Paul, Brett, Mason and I. We were hanging out in Nova City to gamble and hang out with the hookers. Mason drove us up there. As we got down the road with the cold AEP, we just had to keep our heads down. They still just managed to clip Mason with his rifle. Mason freaked and we got turned around as he spun out. We healed him up and we soon heard the motor bike. The AEP unit came by. This time he had a handgun. "How is it that fucking possible!? You keep going down the same road and still keep surviving. I do not miss you." he seethed. I just walked up to him and said "We don't have time. The toxic hub is fucked." The AEP rolled his eyes. "They have been holding out fine." he said.

Only when Brett came over did things get interesting. He ran his hands down the catsuit from his chest to his blank crotch. "You look hot. Who are you!?" he asked. I just groaned out loud. I had to introduce them to each other now. "This is one of the AEP units from Cold Clan." The AEP just smirked and said "You like how I feel huh? I bet you do. Humans will never get as good as this." Brett palmed the crotch and said "I bet you could fuck me like a champion." The AEP tilted his head. "I bet I could. What about it?" Brett pulled his hand back and shrugged. "Looks like you can't though. That's a shame. PEP units say they are inferior but at least they could get an erection. I guess that once again, they are just brainwashed to not know how good they really are." Brett goaded. It seemed the AEP unit was tentatively biting for it. A hefty bulge appeared in his catsuit. He just manipulated his nanites to give him one. "It's not hard to be better than a human. If you want me to mate with you, beg me." he said with a sultry shake of his wide hips. Brett pointed at a boulder. "Let's go... please." he said.

I watched as they went behind the boulder together. "Don't hurt him!" I called out. Both said "Jeez! I won't!" in unison. That made them size each other up before smiling and going behind the boulder. I went back to the car. "It looks like Brett still can't help himself but fuck everything that moves." I joked. Paul chuckled as he shrugged and shook his head. Mason was a bit miffed. "That AEP unit just tried to kill me!" he shouted. I could understand the feeling. However, Brett did whatever he wanted. We had to wait 15 minutes for them to return. "That was good babe!" Brett said as he sat on the hood of the car. "Of course. Still doesn't meant that I can let you go. We need the money. Especially with what the Toxic Clan has to deal with now. We better be prepared for shit to go south." Brett gave him some incredulous amount of money. "50 million!? How rich are you humans. No wonder the bounty is so fucking high!" he screamed in shock. "More where that came from. I'll be back. You do that again, maybe you can have a full bunker filled with the best." Brett said. "I know you know I can't feel."

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