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182. The AEP Date

181. New Upgrades

180. Party Debrief

179. AEP Unit Sex

178. The Party

177. The News

176. Car Accident

175. AEP Mission

174. Ambassador

173. Generator

172. Power Outage

171. Civil War

170. The Organ

169. Cracking It

168. Push It

167. Bored Sex

166. Breeding Stud

165. A Voyeur

164. Kill Switch

163. Strip Show

Hang Gliding and Road Sex

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As Peyton and Connie continued to sit, they decided to get a mission. They looked at us and frowned. Connie said "The family you saved yesterday was bad for us. You should have let them die. They have secrets about PEA units." That was weird. "Why is a family that has those secrets here then? We don't have any in town. Even then, this is a small town with no real government presence except for the androids." I questioned. "They were going to Neo-Rutten, but needed to stop for gas. One of the units from Re:Birth Clan had the mission to kill them. If you let them be they would have died." Peyton explained. "So your job is to finish the job, then." I said. That made sense. Connecting the dots was not hard. They nodded and left the lab. I wished them well. Tracie and Barbara took my arms in their hands and smiled at me. They led me to one of the cabs. "Where are we going?" I asked them. "We'll give you some directions." Barbara said as she got in the back seat. Tracie got in on the other side. It looked like I was the one that was going to be driving. That was totally fine with me.

If they thought it would be an easy trip, it was not. It was in another city and I was not the best driver. When we got there, the cab was a bit busted up and I just ignored it all. I knew it could easily be fixed. "Next time, we're the ones driving." Tracie said. Barbara just had her arms crossed. "I can't be perfect. I'm only human." I said very dismissively. "There is a far margin between perfection and competence. You miss it during driving" she said coldly as she pointed to the damage. That actually hurt my feelings. "Oomph!" I said as they began to lead me to a hang glider rental. It was at the top of a cliff. There were instructors and a set course to take. I paid for all of us to go on the course. I had a great time and there was enough time for us to go twice. It was really fun. Of course, the AEP units could not help themselves from showing off and pulling pro level tricks in the air. I was really impressed by it. I knew better than to try it myself. I would die. Even with my large health pool, it would not save me from a drop at the height I was. Damage scaled with height. We got to the end without incident.

Because it was getting late, Tracie ushered me in the back seat of the cab. "No driving." he said in a playful tone, but I could tell he was serious. He got in next to me. As someone who tried to do my best driving unlike Brett, it was a bit of a shot to my pride. Barbara took us down the road until there was a place to go off-road. I leaned forward when she stopped the car. "Is something wrong?" I asked. Tracie leaned on my arm and pulled me back. I was resisting him as I wanted to be ready if something needed to be done. "Everything's fine, Brianne. We just wanted to get to the best part of the date." he said playfully. They were both smiling at me. I just shrugged my shoulders with a smirk. "Alright. Let's play." I said. They had earned it. Tracie went first. He bent over and began pulling my pants down. "We learned how to do this from the computer at the library." he said as he began to give me a blowjob. It was even better than Nathan's. I was unable to do anything but grab his plump ass with both of my hands and hold on for dear life. He stopped before I could cum. "We want it inside."

Catching my breath, Both Tracie and Barbara were both presenting their asses to me and looking at me over their shoulders. "Who are you going for? You can't choose both of us." Barbara asked with a sensual sway of her hips. I chuckled as I took hold of her hips. "I'll do you first. Tracie got me in the mood." I told them. Tracie looked disappointed. I lined up with her ass and gently thrust inside her. Her body was made of nanites. It sucked me in and was actively milking me as I did my deep strokes inside her. She was pleased, but not moaning. It was not supposed to be very pleasurable. It just happened that the tingling was nice enough for them at this point. That felt so good. I felt like I was in heaven. When I came in her, I rested my weight on her. She could take it. "Thanks." she said. "No. Thank you Barbara." I replied. I caught my breath and pulled out. I was still hard and ready for a second round that meant it was time for me to do it with Tracie. "Finally. I've been waiting for this." he said. He thrust back on me because he was so eager. That just made me blow my load faster.

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