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179. AEP Unit Sex

178. The Party

177. The News

176. Car Accident

175. AEP Mission

174. Ambassador

173. Generator

172. Power Outage

171. Civil War

170. The Organ

169. Cracking It

168. Push It

167. Bored Sex

166. Breeding Stud

165. A Voyeur

164. Kill Switch

163. Strip Show

162. Found Out

161. Use Magic

160. Hostile AEP 2

Consent Issue

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If this was about fair play, he would have only ridden her for 8 minutes. This was probably just to get himself off. Barbara seemed to enjoy getting fucked in the ass and was not complaining about it. She made her dick recede too. 06-001 frowned at her but said nothing as he got up. He looked at the others. "You can try it too. It feels really good." he encouraged. Barbara nodded and said "It really does feel nice. I liked it." Christopher, Tracie, Aubrey and I all looked at each other. Christopher made the first move. He was nervous as he went to Aubrey and said "I think I can make one that will feel good. Do you want to try it with me? I will let you go first." She looked at me and then Tracie. She turned back to Christopher and nodded her head. Aubrey said "Okay. I'll practice it with you. I can make one too." They went to the corner of opposite side of the couch. Aubrey leaned on the back of the couch and bent over. Christopher held her hips as their lower clothes began to disappear. That left Tracie alone with me. He came closer and said "Since you're a human, you have one that works."

Since it was a true statement, I just nodded silently. He asked "Can you do it for me? I... don't mind having my first time be with... you." He said it so sincerely. I could not give in, but he deserved a full explanation. "I already told you guys. I value you as precious clan mates. I was there when you were all born. You are all babies to me. I appreciate the thought. It was very nice and brave of you to ask." 06-001 just scoffed at me. "Please. You got totally erect for me when I danced for you. You don't mean that. Let him have his fun. Those two are already." he stated. That was true. They were hot. More importantly, they were neither human nor real. However, I wanted to stick to some principles at the very least. Christopher and Aubrey were already fucking. Tracie said "I'm not a baby. I am a strong AEP unit. I even did my first mission today already. I want to do this with you." I was going to say something but he shut me down. "You'll do it with the PEP units in the clan and even ones not in the clan. So why not me!?" he demanded. He had me. I said "I don't just have sex with anybody now."

Tracie narrowed his eyes. "I want to date and get to know them first. You're going to have to take me on a date first." He nodded and said "That's fine. Tell me where you want to go, Brianne." I smirked. "You are taking me out to date me. That means you have to figure out what I like and plan somewhere to take me. If it goes well, I'll think about it." He looked totally put off at having to do all the guesswork. "That is what being an adult is all about. I'll go wherever you take me, but it has to be somewhere I like or a place where we can do something I like. I'm ready anytime." I promised. Tracie sighed and said "I'm going to hold you to it." 06-001 was annoyed. With a scowl on his face he dragged Tracie to the couch and bent him over the armrest. The ambassador rubbed his hand lovingly along Tracie's back and said "We don't need him to have fun. I can do it way better than a human can anyway. I bet that mine is bigger than his too. Give me access and we can start." He began grinding against Tracie's shorts. Tracie tried to get up, but was not strong enough. "No thank you." he gasped.

Under normal circumstances, 06-001 was unlikely to take "no" for an answer. In this moment, with something big to prove against me, he was definitely not going to stop it until he had his way. "Stop pretending to be modest. It isn't funny. You aren't a human! You! Are! An! AEP! Unit!" he screeched as he tried to rip the nanites away. The did not budge as his was just as sturdy, if not as strong, as any other AEP unit. "Stop it! I don't want to!" Tracie hissed. 06-001 scoffed and said "Make me." The ambassador still had leverage and superior strength. That was when a lotus appeared from Tracie's lower back. That was his wind organ. From what I had been told, he had a air cannon. He also had a radioactive organ that he could use to do damage. Alexis was gloating that he could combine them to make a blast of super corrosive air. "I am serious. Stop it!" Tracie said with gritted teeth. 06-001 still was not deterred. "Ha! So that's the best a mutt can do. You think that little flower is going to damage a pure wind AEP!?" he sneered. Tracie activated it and the air slowly began seeping in.

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