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172. Power Outage

171. Civil War

170. The Organ

169. Cracking It

168. Push It

167. Bored Sex

166. Breeding Stud

165. A Voyeur

164. Kill Switch

163. Strip Show

162. Found Out

161. Use Magic

160. Hostile AEP 2

159. Arrested Again

158. Hostile AEP

157. The Lemonade

156. Another Party

155. The Fashion

154. New Outfits

153. More Members

A Big Screw Up

avatar on 2022-09-22 22:54:14

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As someone that was on the side of the PEP units, that would definitely not be good for us. In order to avert something like that from happening, the head librarian and the staff demanded that we bring 12-001 to them. That way we could squash any beef between us before things got out of hand. As it stood now, they must have thought that 12-001 was dead because of the kill switch. Obviously, it was all out in the open now. I decided to tell them that we would only give them up if we could have a meeting and peace treaty. I wanted to nip this in the bud. Greta, Caleb and Chad were still pretty antsy. I sighed and told them to stop untying him. "We can't let him go until a meeting is secured. Then we can let him be the library's problem." They ran out and went to the library. Apparently, they got slapped around again for not bringing them 12-001. I was going to have a long talk with those assholes. It was not right. It took the hostile clan about a week before they decided to send someone to meet us for a meeting. As promised, we let the AEP unit go live over there once we received word.

Because we had been waiting so long, we had been able to make some progress figuring out what the data we got meant. It was extremely hard to parse through since we were now dealing with alien code. Mason was really happy to be working on it. He was probably the only one able to do it with a level over 300. Even then it was very difficult for him. In the meantime, things had been moving along in the clan building. The elevator and the short hallway for the third subbasement labs were done with the first week. The AEP lab opened next. It had the standard fabricator, whiteboard and operating table of the other labs. This one was special in the fact that there was a circle of chairs that were hooked up to wires in the ceiling. There was a port in the right armrest that allowed them to plug in. From there, they could get their missions. It only lasted for 3 days. Once the PEA lab was finished, a breaker was flipped and there was a lack of power to the whole clan building. That made me really unpopular with all cyborgs in the clan. In fact, they sat me down and would not let me leave the building.

Catching flack for the garden was the worst. I had already set things in motion well in advance, so I could not change it. After the PEA lab was another extension to their hallway and then the rock garden. It was dark and filled with rocks of all shapes and sizes. It looked pretty interesting, but because the cyborgs had no way to appreciate art, they got pissed. Even Ryder, Sparks and Maroon were pissy with me. They surrounded me and began to yell at me. I tried to explain it to them but they were not having it. "The only reason we are here is because anyone else would be punching you by now. You better have this figure out soon!" Maroon said. "I don't know how you could think we would need a plot for rocks rather than power to the building!" Ryder said with an exasperated tone. "We are counting on you to take the job seriously for us. We can't access our X-frames until we get the power on!" Sparks whined. That was bad. I told them the situation and said "The only thing we can do is wait for the generators to be built. Maybe 3 or 6 days. Depending on how much we need." Not good.

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