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8. Bringing Karyn in for brainsto

7. Zoe and Karyn at the Mall

6. An inadvertant change

5. Zoe Leaves for the Mall

4. Junk Food Before Dinner

3. First Target: Zoe

2. A New Truth 2

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn Goes Back(?) to Normal(?)

avatar on 2008-12-13 08:10:29

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Karyn eagerly took a brisk walk down the street to Jon's house. Jon's mother let her in, and Karyn hurried up the stairs to Jon's room, where he was lying on his bed, bouncing a tennis ball against the wall.

"So what do you have to tell me?" Karyn asked excitedly.

Jon looked at her, her inadvertent wish earlier in the day having resulted in long blonde hair and breasts a bit too big for her frame, and said, "You have your normal hair, and the small breasts that you've always had."

"Well, since I was 8," said Karyn, a bit embarrassed. She folded her arms to cover her chest, the softball-sized breasts under her sweater quite a bit smaller than the more average honeydew melons and volleyballs on display on the 10-year-old swimsuit models and 12-year-old pop singers in the posters on Jon's walls. At least she had a beautiful face and sparkling blue eyes, a result of the Scandinavian heritage that had also resulted in her natural blonde hair, long enough to reach the top of her ass. (Back at her house, her mother was suddenly preparing Swedish meatballs for dinner instead of spaghetti.) "But so what, you wanted me to come over here just to state the obvious?"

"Uh, no," said Jon, briefly wondering the same thing himself, but quickly abandoning that line of thought. "I wanted to tell you about the wish I made on the stone -- I wished that everything I say would be the truth, with reality changing to match. So now I don't need to use the stone anymore. Good idea, right?"

"That does sound like a good idea," replied Karyn. "Have you tested it out yet?"

Jon admitted, "No, I haven't come up with anything good. But you must have an idea or two."

Karyn immediately exclaimed, "I sure do!"

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