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Leonard's Invention: The Paper
It's a Newspaper
2018-07-08You Are What You Wish19
Leonard's Invention: Diners and Drinks
Being Seated
2018-07-08You Are What You Wish18
Master PC: The New Lizzie
A Somewhat Careful Examination
2018-07-08You Are What You Wish14
Leonard's Invention: Crossing Over
They Make It Across
2018-05-26You Are What You Wish17
Leonard's Invention: Driving into the Unknown
There's No Steering Wheel!
2018-05-13You Are What You Wish16
Leonard's Invention: Deciding on Dinner
They're Not Doing Anything
2018-05-13You Are What You Wish15
Consider It Scratched
Phoenix (Not Arizona)
2018-05-10The Forum4
Naming the School
Lake Point High School
2018-04-28The Forum3
Leonard's Invention: Wait, It Actually Worked?!
It worked!
2018-03-18You Are What You Wish14
Leonard's Invention: Finally Turning the Damn Thing On
No, Of Course Not
2018-03-13You Are What You Wish13
Leonard's Invention: The Change to Karyn
The Truth
2018-03-12You Are What You Wish12
Leonard's Invention: Another Participant
Inviting Karyn Over
2018-02-20You Are What You Wish11
Leonard's Invention: Hair, Apparently
No Shaving
2018-02-19You Are What You Wish10
Leonard's Invention: A Piece of Tail
Sarah McMillan (Wait, what?!)
2018-02-18You Are What You Wish9
Leonard's Invention: A World of Horny Guys
Male Anatomy
2018-02-18You Are What You Wish8
Leonard's Invention: That Name Again Is Mr. Fusion
More Power
2018-02-17You Are What You Wish7
Leonard's Invention: Science Is Real
...ask Leonard to explain it to him
2018-02-17You Are What You Wish6
This Orr That
More Orr
2018-02-06The Forum6
It's fixed
Good News
2016-01-09The Forum3
Demonic Jon and the Powers of the Strangers
Powers to change minds and realities
2015-06-06You Are What You Wish7
Demonic Jon Makes Things Better
Demonic version of "better"?
2015-06-06You Are What You Wish6
Jon's Demonic, Mom's Fainted -- What Else?
Jon tries to help
2015-06-06You Are What You Wish5
Porn World: Give Porn a Chance
The Wish Works (Fortunately for Jon)
2013-12-23You Are What You Wish8
Envy Skull: Jessie the Painted Lady
A Wish in the Second Person
2013-12-21You Are What You Wish20
Porn World: Jon's Tall Tale
Jon Tries to Explain
2013-12-21You Are What You Wish6
It's a Good Time for the Great Taste?
Favorably, with a couple of amendments
2013-11-16You Are What You Wish7
Zobrist Goes First to Third on Longoria's Single
First to Third
2013-10-13The Forum3
Catfish Ahoy!
I'm here
2013-07-20The Forum5
Things I'd Like to See
Feature Wishlist
2013-05-11The Forum3
Joseph Needs a Nap?
It works
2013-05-09You Are What You Wish15
In Jon's Family's House -- Whoops, We Mean Jen's
No One Else Is Home
2013-05-09You Are What You Wish14
Through Zoe's Eyes: Most Wonderful Day of the Year?
2013-02-28You Are What You Wish8
Through Zoe's Eyes: Results May Vary
Not Quite What I'd Intended
2013-02-26You Are What You Wish14
Through Zoe's Eyes: Let's All Go to the Lobby?
Got It!
2013-02-26You Are What You Wish13
Out of Control Day: Mowing the Lawn, Trimming the Bush, Etc.
Hair Less Apparent?
2013-01-31You Are What You Wish17
Out of Control Day: Mother Knows Best?
Running into Karyn's Mom
2013-01-29You Are What You Wish16
Out of Control Day: Out of Karyn's Closet
Clothes Encounter?
2013-01-24You Are What You Wish11
Out of Control Wishes: The Hair Apparent
Three Blocks Is a Long Way in High Heels, Right?
2013-01-22You Are What You Wish8
No, Not Your Fault...2013-01-20The Forum5
Whoops!2013-01-19The Forum3
Polka Dot Sun: It's Trouble for Jon
What Happened?
2013-01-18You Are What You Wish7
Polka Dot Sun
Polka Dot Sun (variant of Plaid Sun)
2013-01-18You Are What You Wish6
Envy Skull: Hips Don't Lie
Hips and More
2013-01-15You Are What You Wish19
Envy Skull: The Girls Next Door
Wishes About Clothes
2011-12-24You Are What You Wish17
LAKE POINT: Karyn Gets What She Wished For
Improvements(?) to Karyn
2010-11-25You Are What You Wish10
The Wishes Tomgirl Karyn Wrote
Karyn grabs the rock and makes some wishes
2010-08-28You Are What You Wish8
The Next Morning, and Karyn Wants the Rock
Jon sees Karyn at school first thing
2010-08-28You Are What You Wish7
A Peek into the Yearbook
Jon checks the results
2010-08-28You Are What You Wish6
Master PC: Kelly's Change, from Andrea's Perspective
Meanwhile, back at the dorm
2010-07-28You Are What You Wish9
Jon's a Helper
Helping in a magical way
2010-05-08You Are What You Wish3
Rock's Gone, but Mikey Has an Idea
No Rock
2010-02-28You Are What You Wish13
Mikey Alters Sheila's Wardrobe
A Compliment
2010-02-28You Are What You Wish12
Mikey's Vague, but Sheila's Changes Are Specific
No Problem Having Sex
2010-02-28You Are What You Wish11
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Horny
Exactly What You'd Expect
2010-02-28You Are What You Wish10
The Proximity Stone: If My Friends Could See Me Now
You Gotta Have Friends
2010-02-19You Are What You Wish10
The Proximity Stone: Mikey the Busty Babe
She's the Only One
2010-02-19You Are What You Wish9
The Proximity Stone: Enlarging the Ladies
2010-02-19You Are What You Wish8
The Proximity Stone: Mikey Alone with Jon's Porn
...went for the porn
2010-02-19You Are What You Wish7
Sa'Raia: Mental Change and Explanations
Wishing for Togetherness
2010-02-16You Are What You Wish16
Sa'Raia: Zoe Looks, Uh, Slightly Different
It's Zoe
2010-02-16You Are What You Wish15
Sa'Raia: Back in the Bottle
Knock at the Door
2010-02-16You Are What You Wish14
Sa'Raia: Clothing Improvements
New Wardrobe
2010-02-16You Are What You Wish13
Sa'Raia: Karyn Meets the Genie
Sa'Raia's (Fake) Sweet Reaction
2010-02-16You Are What You Wish12
Master PC: More Additions, and Then, the Change
Wardrobe and Accessories
2010-02-16You Are What You Wish12
Master PC: The Slut Package
Trait Packages
2010-02-16You Are What You Wish11
Master PC: Toying With the Cheerleader
Altering Leah
2010-02-16You Are What You Wish10
The Late-Night Return of a Satisfied Customer
Jon chooses Karyn over the well
2010-02-03You Are What You Wish37
The Clique Stone: A Wish By, and For, the Cheerleaders
"Or what" -- but Sarah takes it anyway
2010-01-31You Are What You Wish8
Half a Century Ago
2010-01-21You Are What You Wish9
Thank God You're Here, Wishing Rock Boy!
Jon arrives
2009-09-02You Are What You Wish8
Vanished Without a Trace?
A Different "It" Begins
2009-09-02You Are What You Wish7
Revealing the Rock to His Girlfriends
No, They Don't Know About the Rock
2009-08-20You Are What You Wish7
Much Less Tomboyish, Much Less Cybergothy
Karyn and...Athena?!
2009-08-19You Are What You Wish6
Under Jon's Bed, and Rightly So
It's Pornographic
2009-07-16You Are What You Wish7
Not a Change Karyn Was Expecting
Jon's a Hunk?
2009-07-16You Are What You Wish6
Karyn Arrives with the Exposition
Whew, It's Here
2009-07-11You Are What You Wish7
Are We Forgetting a Certain Stony Object?
Karyn's mother
2009-07-11You Are What You Wish6
The Fairy Visit Most Teenage Males Dread
The Feminine Fairy (Full Dose)
2009-07-11You Are What You Wish5
What Do You Mean, She Won't Mind?!
Asian Bimbo
2009-05-18You Are What You Wish14
I Like My Boobs: Even Mom
Clearing Up the Confusion?
2009-05-01You Are What You Wish6
I Like My Boobs: Topless!
Yes, Especially Her Breasts
2009-05-01You Are What You Wish5
I Like My Boobs: Karyn's Wish for New Clothes
A New Wardrobe
2009-05-01You Are What You Wish4
Jen and the New Sluts
And it's not because she's crying
2009-04-19You Are What You Wish13
Transformed Mom, Transformed Sis
Sluts Like Me
2009-04-19You Are What You Wish12
On the 7th Day, Jen Didn't Rest
Gilding the Lily
2009-04-19You Are What You Wish11
A New Life Means a New(ish) Zoe
Zoe, but an Altered Zoe
2009-03-11You Are What You Wish9
Jon Gets Karyn Dressed
Playing Dress-Up
2009-02-20You Are What You Wish6
Advertising Can Sell Anything
The "Commercial" Plan
2009-02-12You Are What You Wish15
Dave Upgrades His Living Situation
Dave decides to improve the apartment
2009-02-09You Are What You Wish8
Trying to Explain the Problem to Jane
Mom Gets Curious
2009-01-23You Are What You Wish14
Getting It Out in the Open
No, talk to her now
2009-01-18You Are What You Wish12
Jane Gibson's College of Magical Knowledge?
Karyn's Idea: Ask Mom
2009-01-18You Are What You Wish11
Sarah Tries Her Best to Turn Things Back
2009-01-17You Are What You Wish6
Carnal Stone: The Problem with the Past Continuous Tense
Jon does the right thing
2009-01-13You Are What You Wish10
Carnal Stone: Appropriate for the Late Evening Downtown Sidewalks?
Another clothing change
2009-01-13You Are What You Wish9
Carnal Stone: Seems Appropriate to Me
Appropriate for the bedroom
2009-01-13You Are What You Wish8
Too Much Like a Typical Guy?
A Few Hours Later
2009-01-06You Are What You Wish4
Philosophical Discussions in a World of Magic
Another Crisis Averted
2008-12-21You Are What You Wish8
It's Not Every Day You Suddenly Get Magic Powers
Zoe Demands an Explanation
2008-12-21You Are What You Wish7
Karyn Goes Back(?) to Normal(?)
Bringing Karyn in for brainstorming
2008-12-13You Are What You Wish8

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