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4. Junk Food Before Dinner

3. First Target: Zoe

2. A New Truth 2

1. You Are What You Wish

Junk Food Before Dinner

on 2008-07-21 00:43:51

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Jon decided that he might as well test his ability elsewhere, so he walked downstairs into the kitchen. His mom was in the living room, reading a book.

"Jon, don't eat too much junk food. We're having dinner soon."

He groaned. But then an idea occurred to him.

"You don't mind me having junk food, Mom."

"Of course not, dear. Why would I?" she asked.

"No reason," said Jon, wondering why he had said that. He grabbed a Mountain Dew from the refrigerator and a bag of potato chips from the pantry. As he ate his junk food, he thought about the first thing he wanted to do with his new ability.

(I am adapting Anonymous 51's threads from the other version of this story. Credit for the original versions go to him, but there will be some differences)

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