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3. First Target: Zoe

2. A New Truth 2

1. You Are What You Wish

De-gothifying, and a loophole

on 2008-05-30 03:42:02

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As Jon thought about who he wanted to test his new ability on first, he heard his sister Zoe turn on her metal music in her bedroom. It was so loud, Jon could have sworn the wall separating their bedrooms was made of paper.

Zoe, Jon thought. Now there's a potential target. Jon had to put up with her Goth lifestyle for too long. He decided that it was a bad decision on her part and now with his new ability, he had the opportunity to right her bad decision. He could make her into the sister that he should have had. A normal sister.

Jon walked out into the hallway and knocked on his sister's door. He had to knock quite a few times before she opened it.

"What the hell do you want?" she asked, clearly annoyed by her brother's interruption.

"You don't want to be Goth anymore," Jon said.

The look of annoyance dropped from her face. "You're right. How did you know that?"

"You hate the Goth lifestyle."

"God, you have no idea."

"You want to be normal."

"More than anything."

Jon was amazed. With every new statement, Zoe changed a little more. At least, mentally.

"You wear pink and are on the cheerleading squad."

He didn't realize the import of his statement. Before his eyes, Zoe's cloths changed from goth to outrageous pink. Her pants became a skirt, her t-shirt became an attractive blouse, which pushed out both from the new push up bra she was wearing and the muscle tone that came with cheerleading (Just enough to be fit and attractive, but not muscle crazy). The shirt was buttoned down far enough to show off her cleavage to full effect, which just a hint of bra showing.

Behind her the room changed, black becoming pink, dark becoming frilly, posters of metal bands becoming male models posing in revealing outfits. It now looked just like the room of a normal girl.

"Totally. Pink rules and I've always been a cheerleader," she said, somewhat confused as to why he had said that.

Jon also wondered why he was stating the obvious. His sister had been on the squad for as long as she had been in a school that had one, and her obsession with pink was a common target of his good natured teasing. He decided that he had probably meant to tease her, but had a brain fart.

He still hadn't actually tested his power though...

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