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9. "Try an obvious lie"

8. Bringing Karyn in for brainsto

7. Zoe and Karyn at the Mall

6. An inadvertant change

5. Zoe Leaves for the Mall

4. Junk Food Before Dinner

3. First Target: Zoe

2. A New Truth 2

1. You Are What You Wish

Try saying lies

on 2022-08-29 21:03:11

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“Why don’t you try saying something that’s obviously false so that we’ll know that something changed?” Karyn said as she sat down on the end of Jon’s bed trying to think up an obvious lie Jon could say.

“Hmm, ok how about my posters?” Jon said as he got up and started looking at the bikini model on the poster “We both see how they look now, so if i say this model has A cup breasts, what do you see?”

Karyn stared puzzled at the poster. What was Jon talking about? Of course that girl had A cups, they barely stretched out her bikini. Karyn was also a little annoyed that Jon just had to point it out. The girl in the poster had the smallest cup size available and she was STILL bigger than Karyn. Her chest was so flat, barely the size of softballs, she still wore training bras sometimes because she couldn’t find normal bras in her tiny size. Regardless of her embarrassment in her chest size, nothing had changed from when she walked in.

“Jon, you're just stating the obvious. I thought you said you made a wish?”

“I did, I’m trying to make it work”

“Well maybe we’re not noticing because you’re saying things too close to the truth? Try something crazy”

Jon sat and thought about what he could say. He looked around his room, his eyes finally settling on Karyn, more specifically her outfit. She was wearing a pair of skinny jeans and a band t-shirt, pretty standard outfit for her, but maybe he could change her clothes

“You’re wearing a skirt right now” Jon said, but still nothing changed. Karyn had been wearing that denim skirt the entire time. He just couldn’t figure out why he kept pointing out the obvious. He did like how she looked in that skirt though, and he always wished more girls were into wearing skirts. But maybe that would be a big enough change to trigger his wish to work, he thought.

“Yeah I am, because I always do, you know that. Why did you say it like it was a weird thing?”

“It’s not a weird thing, I’m just trying to test my power” Jon was still puzzled at how he himself was acting today,

“Yeah Jon, of course it’s not weird. I’m a girl, I can wear skirts just like everyone else. Because they do the job way better than pants ever could”

Sensing Karyn was probably going to lecture him on the intricacies of skirts, Jon quickly replied “Ok Karyn, I get it, everyone wears skirts. Look I don’t know why this power isn’t working but let’s not just wait around in my room all day trying to figure it out. Want to go to the mall?”

“Sure, why don’t you get ready and I’ll let my mom know where I’m headed” She replied picking up her phone and leaving Jon’s room. Jon stood up to find a pair of shoes, his black A-line skirt fluttering a bit as he moved about his room. He had always preferred skirts like this one to tight fitting pencil skirts, they were much more comfortable to wear. His boxers could be seen slightly as the skirt moved, that was something he didn’t like. There was no alternative though, that’s just how it went for men. He always envied women because they didn't have that problem with their underwear choices.

That’s it! Surely he’d notice if his underwear changed and then he’d know if his wish was working. “Men wear underwear the same as women”, but he only found disappointment when he flipped up his skirt. There was a perfectly normal pair of blue panties underneath. Once again he had stated the obvious, maybe he was just having an off day.

Regardless, he quickly put his shoes on and hurried downstairs to meet up with Karyn. They said goodbye to his mom as they headed out the front door and off to the mall.

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