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5. Black Market Vendor Perhaps?

4. Into the market square

3. David Begins The Game

2. Meet Suzie as yourself

1. The Future of Gaming

Black Market Vendor Perhaps?

on 2012-02-26 06:56:48

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I started walking towards one of the many vendors, but was suddenly grabbed and pulled into a nearby alley.

"What ..."

"Keep quiet," a deep voice said.

I turned and saw a short man wearing a hooded cloak.

"You're new here, huh? And looking for something to buy?"

"You have something to sell?" Part of me thought that this was a bad idea, that I should buy from one of the regular vendors, but the secrecy of this guy intrigued me. Perhaps he had something that the vendors didn't. I might even get a good deal.

Beneath the hood, I could see the man grin. "Oh yes. I definitely do."

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