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4. Into the market square

3. David Begins The Game

2. Meet Suzie as yourself

1. The Future of Gaming

I walked out of the room and ...

on 2012-02-26 05:42:08

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I blinked my eyes as the light blinded me for a moment and when I could see again the sights of Epic City assaulted me.

Wagons moved up and down the street carrying goods to and from the market, higher level players rode their horses around them hurrying on their quests.

I started walking along the street being careful to keep out of the way of the thundering hooves of the horses and came to a market square. Glancing around I saw stalls selling all manner of items. Weapon and Armour smiths standing proudly along their goods, herbalists and alchemists calling out the effects that they could produce for you.

Checking my money pouch I had a little starting cash to buy my equipment. I could do my shopping quickly before I meet up with Suzie...

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