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49. Oh Shit

48. A Tiny Remote Control

47. Nice Not Naughty

46. Control

45. Lisa's first day back to work

44. Making her decision

43. New Plans

42. Going Home

41. Wheels within wheels

40. Me, Myself and I

39. Do you really know everything?

38. Temptations

37. Joe

36. freedom?

35. 'James' tells all

34. fight

33. Knocking

32. investigation (corrected)

31. Shannon's note

30. fight or flight

Full Power

on 2022-08-03 01:45:05

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Lisa was trying not to panic. she riffled through all the drawers at her desk. then she went through all the papers. She even took the cover off of the computer tower to check that it wasn't hidden in there. she had no idea how it could have wound up therebut she didn't know where else to look.
She could feel the panic rising and part of her wanted to retreat to the bathroom to take the egg out, but she was still trying to hide from the thought of someone having taken it. As far as she knew there wasn't an office thief. there had been problems a few months earlier with a lunch thief thomas, but James had fired him when he had had an allergic reaction to a dish he had stolen.
Lisa had just decided to go to the bathroom and take the vibrator out when a dark thought went through her brain. what if I left it in the idea of that exposure, that vulnerability. What if I left it in and someone turns it on her nipples hardened at that thought and she unconciously reached up to touch her breast through her shirt. She loved her breasts. She loved their size and especially their weight.
Lisa forced her hands away from her chest and put them to her sides and tried to sit still in her chair. She felt her pelvic muscles flex as she sat there. Jesus she thought, I wish I had the remote. I am going to need that remote, or I am going to explode.
As if on cue, she felt the vibrator switch on. it was still on low. Lisa felt her arousal stabilize like before, but now there was an added awareness that she wasn't in control. She flexed her legs to stand up and look around for who ever had the remote. the range for the remote wasn't very great. whoever had it had to be in one of the cubicals nearby.
Her butt lifted off of the chair and was standing up, when the power level of the vibrator spiked and a wave of pleasure ripped through her. She moaned incoherently and collapsed back into the chair. the force was enough to cause the chair to drift backwards a little. She slapped a hand over her mouth and held her breath desperately trying to stifle the noises she was making. the pleasure kept building as the power increased.
Her eyes rolled back in their sockets and she bit her lip as an orgasm rolled through her. it wasn't her best, but it was lightyears beyond anything she had known as James. there was no way she could make it to the bathroom. She didn't think that she could manage to stand up let alone walk. She kept her right hand firmly over her mouth and reached under her skirt with her left hand. She was squirming badly and already starting to climb the pleasure hill again. her fingers found her panties and she scrambled to pull the egg out. her fingers lost their dexterity and she spasmed her way through a second orgasm. there was a ball of shame that accompanied this one, but that did nothing to dampen her ardure.
in the brief after glow that followed She reached into her vagina and pulled the egg out. she rushed it and winced as the egg dragged against the sensitive skin of her vagina. She pulled her hand out from her skirt and tossed the egg onto her desk. it was still vibrating and was making noise tapping on the table.
Lisa grabbed a USB cable and quickly plugged in the egg to the cable. She was relieved that, as she expected, the egg turned off and an orange LED lit to indicate that it was charging. She let the breath she was holding out and then inhaled slowly trying to calm down. She was glanced around furtively, but as far as she could tell no one had seen her.
Lisa was wrong about that. out of her line of sight a figure smiled and put the remote into their pocket. they stepped back and went into the breakroom, almost directly behind Lisa's desk.

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