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48. A Tiny Remote Control

47. Nice Not Naughty

46. Control

45. Lisa's first day back to work

44. Making her decision

43. New Plans

42. Going Home

41. Wheels within wheels

40. Me, Myself and I

39. Do you really know everything?

38. Temptations

37. Joe

36. freedom?

35. 'James' tells all

34. fight

33. Knocking

32. investigation (corrected)

31. Shannon's note

30. fight or flight

29. Discovering the Evidence

A Tiny Remote Control

on 2022-07-07 17:17:30
Episode last modified by Nomad on 2022-07-07 17:41:54

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Lisa looked down at the tiny, nearly flat remote that easy fit it the palm of her hand. It clearly had an off and on button, and another set for increasing and decreasing.

“Is this for a speaker?” She thought to herself as she cautiously pressed the power on button.

She heard a soft buzzing coming from inside the tampon box, froze for a moment, then quickly turned the power off. Cautiously she looked around to see if anyone had heard the sounds, but no one was nearby and she had barely heard it herself.

Carefully she picked up the box and slide it into her purse. She casually got up and headed to the restroom. She by passed the main restroom that she knew had several stalls in them and opted to walk to far side of the building that had a private bathroom with a door that locked.

When she stepped inside she made sure that the door was looked and fished around to the very bottom of the tampon box.

Inside she found a white cylindrical egg shaped item attached to a lopped 4 inches of string.

Lisa looked at it puzzled, not exactly sure what it was. She reached for the remote again and pressed the power button and the egg began vibrating.

Lisa felt her heart skip a beat. She didn’t have a lot of experience with them, but she knew this was clearly some type of vibrator and ‘James’ had recommend that she use it. She was so horny that she needed something to get her through the day and she hoped this would do the trick.

Her hands started to shake as she buttoned her pants and slide down her panties. She had the sense to wash it with warm water, then she carefully inserted into her pussy. As she did so she found that she was already damp with excitement and the egg easily slid into her, with a bit of the string exposed.

She pulled up her panties and underwear. She glanced in the mirror and didn’t see any difference in how she looked, but why would she.

Not sure of what to expect, she pressed the power button and felt a gentle tingling in the core of her being. It was a little unsettling at first, but she soon found it very pleasant. She felt relaxed, almost like a gentle message. She took a deep breath and breathed easily. She suddenly realized that she no longer felt the sexual frustration from earlier, she now just felt relaxed.

She looked at the intensity levels buttons and ideally increase the level. The second level started radiating stronger tingles through her body and she felt her nipples getting hard and when she press the level up again her breath caught and then she nearly moaned. There were still three more levels and as curious as she was to increase to the next level, she lowered it back down to one. Slowly the tension in her body fade and she was once again left with a sense of contentment, feeling pleasant relaxed.

“Better not push this above level one, at least not at work.”

Smiling she looked at the remote and turned it off. She could still ‘feel it’ inside of her, but it was hardly noticeable and she still felt at ease, at least for the moment.

“No point in wearing out the battery. I’ll just use it when I need it.” She thought as she packed up everything in her purse and went back to her desk, putting the tampon case back in the back of her draw, but ideally she put the remote in the top draw of her desk, for easy access if she needed it later.

Lisa then got to work. This was a job she had done back when she was James, before he eventually got promoted. She was pleased that this was something she could excel at and now that she had her ‘condition’ under control she could concentrate on her job.

Lisa spent the day catching up on her new clients and only found that she needed to use the remote a few times throughout the morning. She didn’t always use it at desk, even though no one could hear it, she chose to step away, going to either the bathroom, her car, the breakroom or out for a walk.

She went out to lunch and was flirted with be a particularly handsome waiter, so when she returned to the office she hurried to her desk to give herself another treatment, but found that the remote was gone.

She was a little out of it when she used it and couldn’t remember the last time she used it. Had she forgotten is somewhere or had someone taken it?

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