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3. Take things slow

2. Jon's Experiments

1. You Are What You Wish

Take time, smell the flowers.

on 2022-08-02 01:25:35

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Jon flicked the stone upward with his thumb, watching it spin in the air, before catching it neatly in the palm of his hand.

Being one to consider psychology and sociology such, Jon knew he couldn't rush into things. This situation would require patience. Forethought. After all, if he was reckless, he would risk compromising his experimental observation! What would be the fun in messing with the world and the people inside it if he couldn't watch the madness unfold?

Jon stood up off the bed, and glanced over at the tall mirror attached to his closet door. Experimentation would require an inventory of himself before he began, after all!
He looked like he normally did... so far as he knew, he corrected himself with a chuckle. He was 5' 10", with black hair he kept in a smoothed back mess on his head, and his thin frame was clad in the same Next-generation t-shirt and jeans he had put on when he woke up. Overall, he was the same Jon Merlin he always was.

A perfect canvas!

His face split into a grin as he pushed up his glasses.

He would start with something simple. Jon wasn't one to crow about it, but he had always been sexually excited by the idea of this kind of experimentation, and he could feel his pulse picking up a bit as he thought about it. Slow, incremental changes to the world around him, each observable and richly enjoyable. To stand right in the nexus of change and witness it first hand! It was more than he could bear!

He drew breath, preparing the most subtle, masterminded, psychological change he could conceive of!

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