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96. The Fixer

95. Not Hacking

94. Reprogrammer

93. In Volta City

92. Ending Feuds

91. New Hitman

90. Award Show

89. Some Injuires

88. Tres and Seis

87. Music Awards

86. Dos and Quatro

85. We Win It

84. Simultaneous

83. A Challenge

82. Election Party

81. Election Results

80. The Androids

79. A Syndicate

78. More PEA units

77. PEP Impregnation

Libra Force Fixer

on 2022-07-29 12:56:12

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Looking through the bodies, they were all PEP units. I noticed that the female unit from the cafe and the male that was being messed with by Hunter were among all the bodies. I pointed it out. That was a big thing. I wondered if it was revenge against Hunter or an attack against those looking for Libra Force. Certainly, a hit against a reprogrammer that had X-frame blueprints and codes for cyborg control would be in the best interest of the transmission hub. I looked at the paper I was handed and another ping rang out. I checked the objectives. I needed to find the operative. There was a really small dive bar in the center of the city, and it seemed that he would be there. When we got there, there was a van with an insignia that rolled up. I saw that it was from the Phobia syndicate. They were the polar opposite of Libra Force. They were armed and were going in. I went in right after them. Everyone was here with me. We all gave them a wide berth. I wanted to see what would happen. We were all forcibly reset to neutral relations with them. Some of them furrowed their brows at us.

Eventually, they all surrounded a single table. The bar went silent as everyone looked at them. The woman sitting there with a pint of beer was wearing the Libra Force insignia. She looked at them approach her. "What the fuck do you want, Johnson!?" The man just smirked as he leaned on the table threateningly. "There you are Lisa. I didn't think you would be here today. You're really bold, showing your face around here after what they are trying to do!" "Look at what they're doing to them! Once things all settle down, we can figure a way forward." she said calmly. He glared at her. "You don't have the time. You're coming with us and that's that." I approached them and took her side. She was human and in a tough spot. "I'm sorry, but I think that the lady is not coming with you. She has an important meeting with us." I said. Johnson got in my face. "You sure about that?" he asked. "Yeah. I am." I told him. "Wanna step outside, then?" he offered. I looked at Lisa and said "Sit tight and don't move a single inch." "I wasn't planning on moving." she said confidently. I smiled at her. Good job.

I followed them outside and then mowed them all down with my gun. We did not have much time before police came. I went back in the bar and said "Let's go. We need to talk." Lisa smirked and said "I always hated Johnson. I can give you some time." We went out the back to her car. She gave me her address and told me to meet her there. "Be careful on the roads. Who knows how many Phobia agents will be on your tail when they find out those guys died?" She nodded with a grim look on her face. I did not know whether or not I should go with her. Ultimately, I let her go on her own as we drove a van from a distance behind. We used the van to get to Volta. As it was important to not stand out, Daniel took the wheel. The van was red and big enough for all of us. The route to her home was uneventful. Once we got out, we were led inside. "Why the hell are you here? I appreciate the save, but those don't come from nowhere." she said skeptically. She was a seasoned veteran in the field. I told her everything about the meeting we got. "I see. Come to think of it..." she trailed off.

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