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7. Femdom – Mommy’s Panties

6. Femdom - Laundry Duty

5. Femdom - Mommy

4. Femdom

3. Jon's fetish

2. Karyn borrows

1. You Are What You Wish

Femdom – Mommy’s Panties

on 2022-07-26 22:06:51

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Jon turns around and sees his mother standing there. Shocked Jon tries to quickly hide the purple panties behind his back but it is too late.

“Jon what are you doing?” replied Jon’s Mom

Jon felt a new way of embarrassment as his face turned dark red. He tried to speak but no words came out.

Jon Mom took a moment studying her son as she noticed the bulge in his pant and how embarrassed he looked. She took a big sigh and composed herself. “Jon what am I going to do with you.” Shaking her head. “Listen I know you’re in a phase where you might be curious but you should never touch mommy’s things.”

Jon felt like he was getting lectured again like when he was small just stood there and afraid to move.

His firmly mom continued “This is not ok behavor and this can never happen again. You will need to be punished young man.” as she grabbed Jon’s arm and lead him to her room.

Jon just continued to look at the ground as he followed her.

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