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7. Femdom - Zoe

6. Femdom - Laundry Duty

5. Femdom - Mommy

4. Femdom

3. Jon's fetish

2. Karyn borrows

1. You Are What You Wish

Femdom - Zoe

on 2022-07-26 21:43:04

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Jon turns around and sees his gothic sister standing there. Shocked Jon tries to quickly hide the purple panties behind his back but it is too late.

Zoe chucking says “Oh my god, were you just sniffing mom’s panties”

Jon felt a new way of embarrassment as his face turned dark red. He quickly replied: “Ummmmmm I was just sparying a stain no wait ummm turning on the wash”

Zoe still giggling replied. “Bullshit” as she glanced down at his crotch noticing her brother hard on through his jean. “What a pervert you are. Wait till I tell Mom”

Joe felt another wave of desire similar to morning with his mom but complete different. Humiliation and it was turning him way on. Joe quickly tried to push those feeling asised and replies “Please Zoe, you can’t tell anyone. I will do anything”

Zoe looked back at her brother with an evil grinn replied “Fine but I own you ass, you’re going to have to do what I say for a week”

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