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130. Ground Game

Going Home Again

on 2022-07-24 12:36:43

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It was time to leave. The other clans from Location A did not seem interested in visiting, if they were even still on their island. There was no point in us staying here much longer. I asked Paul and Brett what they thought. They were also ready to get back to the cab depot and the Red Grind. I looked at the Volition Clan leader and he rolled his eyes before walking over. "What is it?" he demanded. He still did not like us. I said "08927 is a great guy. You should promote him to full clan member. Maybe even give him an X-frame." He looked taken aback. He then leaned forward to glare at me. "Are you telling me how to run my clan?" I shook my head. "Never. It's just a nice thing to do to advocate for useful people." The leader looked at me skeptically. "And what uses does he have, other than flying humans around and incubating more of the PEA units?" he asked mockingly. "Well, he has a plane and knowledge on how to fly. It's more subtle than using a truck filled with X-frames or archwings." He thought for a moment. "That's useful. I'll think about it." he said. "We are leaving." I told him.

Zapping the plane fixed was up to Paul and Brett. They had done it long before now so we could leave the island when we wanted. 08927 was our only pilot so he was coming with us to the airport. The Volition Clan leader just waved him off and said "You know where to go. Wait for us there." We told everyone in our clan to go ahead of us. They took the AEP units with them. 08927 had to run the logistics of trying to take off on a sandy beach for a bit before getting in the cockpit. We decided to leave it to him as we boarded. "This might be a bit rough. Brace yourselves." he said. It was rocky and touch and go for a while, but we got in the air. 08927 got us to the airport and listened to the tower. When we touched down, he taxied us to the hangar. I looked at him and said "Thanks. I already spoke to your leader. This plane is yours. You can do what you want with it." "And how will I, a poor PEP unit, afford the fees to keep it here? I live in Jazni Town." he asked. "We can cover all the costs for you. Don't worry." Paul said with a smirk. He looked at us and shrugged. "Thanks for the plane."

As we were getting off, I slipped him one of the X-frame sexual upgrades. "Here. Don't tell anyone you have this. Stronger units in the clan might try and take it from you if they know you have one." I said to him in a very low whisper. This made him more shocked and happier than giving him the plane. "I'll cherish this forever! Thank you so much. If you ever need a flight, you can call me." he said in gratitude. I nodded and we left the airport. The cab was still there, so he drove us to the cab depot. From there, he got in the moving truck and began his solo journey to Jazni Town. I hoped he made it back soon and safely. We had 9 AEP units in the clan. It was up to us to name them. It would make things much easier on us. There were 6 males and 3 females. Peyton, Sterling, Connie, Tracie, Robin and Cristopher were the males. They all seemed to like their names. Ashley, Aubrey and Barbara were the females. It seemed that Aubrey did not like hers. I asked her what she wanted to be called. She just looked at her parents, Katie and Erin, for a better name. They both drew a big blank.

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