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144. The Breeding

143. Cyberpunk Island

142. Volition Joins

141. Taking Stock

140. A Questline Part 3

139. Sexy Times

138. Unbound

137. A Questline Part 2

136. Contained

135. Hacking In

134. The Friction

133. Jail Break

132. C-JAM 719

131. Fully Caught

130. Ground Game

129. Back in Dwan

128. The Location

127. The Fixer

126. It Works

125. Reprogrammer

Life on the Island

on 2022-07-24 12:23:48

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I told them that this was the wrong island. "Then what are you doing here!?" they snapped. Though it was a female model, the voice sounded male. "We were just getting ready to set up here in case you need help. If something happens, don't hesitate to fall back here on this island. We have a base in the forest." I said while pointed towards it. The X-frame looked dismissive as it readied itself to take off. That was until it looked at Mason. "Mason? Are you Mason LaDip?" they asked. Mason pointed to himself and said "Yeah. Who wants to know?" The X-frame then knelt and a figure emerged from the back. Mason's eyes widened and he started running. "Sebastion! Is that really you!?" he asked as he grabbed the PEP unit's shoulders. The cyborg just smiled and nodded. Mason hugged him tight. "Dennis said you ran away one day. All our parents said you were a danger to us. I never believed them. I've missed you so much!" he said, almost at the point of tears. It was a touching reunion. "So, you were chosen." Paul said. Sebastion said "I will breed and bear an AEP unit with a void affinity."

Now that Sebastion knew where he needed to be, he pat Mason on his head. "You know where I'll be for the foreseeable future. Maybe we can meet up when we are all done with the mission." Mason absolutely beamed at him with childlike wonder and trust. "Yes! I want to be there for you and see your baby. We have so much to catch up on!" he said. Sebastion gave him a knowing smile as he pat Mason's head. "I have to go. Take care Mason." he said before going back to his X-frame. Sebastion then took off and went to his island. It was only 5 minutes later that the others came and landed. Our pilot went over to the members of his clan. We led them all over to the manor. We had enough space where everyone had a room to themselves. The PEP units had to be in the X-frames as they incubated the AEP units. They did not need to stay in the courtyard because they were not too big to fit in the door. They did have to crouch though. Everyone wanted to explore the manor. It had enough rooms for everyone. There were bathrooms, leisure rooms, a main hall, kitchen and dining hall.

Once everyone had acclimated to their surroundings, the PEP units wanted to get started. The Volition clan had it easy. They only had 6 members. The leader could just declare his partner and the other female models only had to pair with the remaining males. For our clan it was more complicated. I told them to pair with who they felt more comfortable with. The only instruction was that Alex and Alexis get with Jessica and Claudette after the initial pairings. Rosalyn and Finian got together. Alex, Alexis, Sunny and Lucy got with Ryder, Claire, Maroon and Orange respectively. Sparks got with Cecil. Katie found Erin. They all decided to fuck in the courtyard. This was just as much about pleasure as it was about the mission. They went at it for 3 hours before they went dry. All of them except Alex and Alexis did that. Alex and Alexis spent a half hour on the switch. Just enough to impregnate them, but not enough to actually fully satisfy them. They were virgins in the X-frames, so it not hard to get them off. At least they got off a couple of times. They could not fuck us humans or risk impure kids.

Probably fucking Mason would be okay. The rest of us would simply overpower the X-frames' sperm. We were going to have to stay on the island for 9 in game weeks. It was a big deal. Luckily, this manor had full electricity. We would be very comfortable here. Those on the island needed loads of energy packs. These 10 feet constructs were just going to be walking around among us for the time being. The Volition Clan X-frames were also done with their breeding. The pilot was just there as a servant. It was just sad. We were right about this. He was not going to be a respected member of the team. I wished him well. All I could do now was try to make sure he did not get bullied too hard from them. Maroon and Ryder were still into me. They were not going to fuck me though. Sunny and Lucy could be fucked in the ass, but they did not feel like it. Sunny was only able to cum as a male while in the large suit. Lucy was just exhausted from giving everything she had in her to breed Orange. There were many things that we could do. We could talk, explore, fight monsters and use the radio.

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