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140. A Questline Part 3

139. Sexy Times

138. Unbound

137. A Questline Part 2

136. Contained

135. Hacking In

134. The Friction

133. Jail Break

132. C-JAM 719

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130. Ground Game

129. Back in Dwan

128. The Location

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126. It Works

125. Reprogrammer

124. Finding Leads

123. A Questline

122. Not Really

121. Police Chief

The Upgrade

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It seemed to be the case that 628 never got the chance to call for back up. I did surprise him from a block away after all. When the second part of the world questline had finished up, everyone else returned. Paul even brought a pair of female PEP units with him. "Say hello to Claudette and Jessica." They looked strikingly similar. Both were blond with a sandy complexion and an hourglass figure. Jessica had lime green eyes and Claudette had baby blue. The addition was welcomed with their own pair of blueprints for X-frames. They immediately took them and left for the Foundry. They had run around the 2 cities making sure no one could do anything to determine any of the locations. However, even Devils were limited by the time they invested online. Other Players were able to crack the code for Plans E-G. Those were immediately abandoned. Instead, a tactical squad would be sent there as a decoy to annihilate the weaklings and delay the stronger agents. It was also finally time for us all to learn what "Next Stage" was for the PEP units. Apparently, it was stuff that we already knew.

Being that we were in a clan, we were privy to lots of information that PEP units would not willingly give out. Even to humans in allied syndicates and lovers. Because the world responded to the actions done within it, there was a major development for the game. Dwan Town was full of cyborgs capable of breeding, we had unintentionally triggered the mid game. Now that we had so many PEA units, the transmission hub has decided that the next stage of their advancement should be AEP units. The higher-ranking PEP units had been talking about it lately. Obviously because they were noticing us all fucking and making so many. Now, the PEP units bellow 3000 were going to take the best among them and get their X-frames. Apparently, the ones from the first generation knew how to access and commune with the transmission hubs directly. So, there were going to be 26 special X-frames in the works. From there, they would make their way to the locations in Plans A-D. They would then breed and use a stockpile of energy packs to stay there until they gave birth to the first PEA units.

Calling it out, selecting 26 PEP units to be given their own X-frames was so random. There were 13 variants of the X-frame model, so it made sense. Obviously, Sunny and Lucy already had theirs. So did the imperious leader of the Volition Clan. There was a problem though. All 3 of theirs were the male models. There would be no way to breed. I just said "Well, we could just go as a clan. We could even stay here. Is there a certain upgrade that we'll need to do this?" Sunny said "There is a part that needs to be installed into an X-frame. The local safehouse will give them to the chosen." "I don't think that we'll be chosen. We already have X-frames, and we are modified. No non deviant would allow us to breed with them." Lucy added. That was sad. I was not going to take that for an answer. "Lucy. Sunny. Get up. We're going to get those upgrades for you. I'm sick and tired of you 2 having to pay for what I did. You fucked me and got pregnant. That was your job and you did it. I'm going to fight for you. Then we'll use it to benefit the whole clan." I said. They both looked surprised.

Doing something was way different than saying something, so I dragged them to the library and demanded to speak to the librarians. They tried to just give me the cold shoulder, but I found one of them and cornered her. I then pointed at both Sunny and Lucy. "They are in the required parameters to warrant the special X-frame upgrades. Give it to them." I said firmly. She scoffed and said "And let modified units achieve the greatest glory that the transmission hub has assigned? Never!" she hissed quietly. I leaned in closely and said "You will. Or I will talk. I have Mason LaDip, cousin to a gang fixer in my clan. You can't touch him, but with a single phone call, everything will be exposed for the highest bidder." Her eyes went wide. "You wouldn't da-" was all she said before I said "Try me bitch! Run the calculations. You know I don't have any problems fighting PEP units in the open street." Her eyes narrowed as she ran those calculations. "Fine. Follow me." she said. I was made to wait at their front desk while she took Sunny and Lucy downstairs. They both had the upgrade.

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