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138. Unbound

137. A Questline Part 2

136. Contained

135. Hacking In

134. The Friction

133. Jail Break

132. C-JAM 719

131. Fully Caught

130. Ground Game

129. Back in Dwan

128. The Location

127. The Fixer

126. It Works

125. Reprogrammer

124. Finding Leads

123. A Questline

122. Not Really

121. Police Chief

120. Seized Kids

119. The Police

Freed Androids

on 2022-07-24 11:57:08

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Vetting him through nothing more than skill was risky. Luckily, he was not antagonistic to the PEP unit cause. His cousin was a gang fixer. A typical rich kid that wanted to get more excitement out of life than simply relying on his daddy's money. Mason came to me and asked if he could have some of the guns to send to his cousin. "I just have one question. Did you bring up the guns or was it his idea?" I asked. He looked nervous for a moment before admitting that he was the one who had the idea. I then bopped him on the head. "Ow! What the hell was that for!" he snapped. "That was for promising your cousin our weapon supply. You know how tight the situation is. We can just fabricate everything, but if we get caught with our pants down, we'll be screwed." I explained. "So it's a no go?" he asked. He then quickly held his head. "I didn't say that. I sure hope you did not promise him all of these weapons for free." I said. He was going to have to pay a good price for them. I was the engineer after all, so it was in my authority to send out the weapons and fabricate more. Dennis was real happy.

When Erin and Finian came back, we all had a party to allow them to show off their X-frames. It was honored tradition in the clan by now. I could not be there when they were delivered to the clan building. The delivery man from the Foundry. I used my time to go get Mason. When we went down, they were both in the main hall. Both Erin and Finian were happy until they saw that Mason would be attending the party to. The party continued, but they were constantly distracted by Mason's excitement at the close-up display of the X-frames. I looked at them and said "If you want, we can give you guys some time in the PEP lab to have sex if you are curious about how it feels with all your new parts and upgrades." Finian looked at Erin. Erin said "I'm also a little curious what all the fuss with sex is about." They went in and Cecil did not have a chance to have sex in the X-frame yet, so he went with them. Maroon pulled me aside and said "I want to have sex too. We could use the dojo." I smirked and said "I'm good for now. How about Mason? He's usually pretty horny." Maroon balked. I laughed.

X-frame aside, I wanted to test to see how much Mason was apart of the clan now. Maroon looked over at Mason for a second and said "No. I don't want to do it with him at all." That was sad, but not something that I was not already expecting. I pulled Maroon closer and said "How about we go on a date? We will see how we're feeling by the end of the night." He said "Alright. Waiting down here was getting annoying." As we walked over to the elevator, Maroon slapped me on the ass. He chuckled and I rolled my eyes as I followed him. We went on the street level and decided to go to a restaurant in the middle of the town. PEP units did not need to eat any food. They plugged into electricity. However, the cyborgs could chew and swallow food. They could take it out of their stomachs later during a trip to the library. That was how they could blend in with humans. Sugar water was a major intoxicant, so drinking was a pastime amongst themselves, and they could also join in with humans. We tested out the strawberry lemonade and their new watermelon lemonade. Both were really good.

It was clear that Maroon was getting drunk. "You know, my job is serving drinks and dealing with people who get drunk. But this is one of the first times that I've been out on my own getting drunk." he said. I paid for both of the lemonades and lifted the cyborg from the chair he was sitting in. As we were walking down the street, a shapely female PEP unit came up to us. "Keith had challenged you to a fight. Will you come with me?" she informed us. I shook my head. "Tell my brother that I am busy, things are looking too dangerous to be playing around." I said politely. "It really is dangerous out here. For you that is!" 434 yelled. I did not put it together until the C-JAM android blasted her with his arm cannons. She was dead before she could do much of anything. I knocked Maroon out of the way. He would be useless in a fight. "How the hell did you get out the club!?" I demanded. "He made a remote to limit us. We can still move on our own. You took him to the party. Now that we're free, we'll kill you all and destroy all the PEP units here in this town." he said. I just sighed. It was my bad.

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