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129. Back in Dwan

128. The Location

127. The Fixer

126. It Works

125. Reprogrammer

124. Finding Leads

123. A Questline

122. Not Really

121. Police Chief

120. Seized Kids

119. The Police

118. My Bargain

117. New Names

116. Defeat Keith

115. Sneaky Keith

114. A Close Call

113. Hitchhiking

112. The Captives

111. Our Infiltration

110. The Clan

Leaving Neo-Rutten

on 2022-07-24 09:20:11

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Having me do their jobs for them was a bit annoying, but I had a sense that if it was not me, things would all get derailed. Myers and Ellen closed their eyes. When they opened them, Ellen said "We still need 2 more opinions to confirm the coordinates for the next stage." I said "What about Johnston and Kate. They could confirm it. They should be laying low." Myers and Ellen called them. They took some time convincing them, but they got them to go confirm it. I got the next menu ping for the quest. I asked "So what happens next?" Ellen looked at me. "We served our purpose. We will go back to our normal routines as fixers for Libra Force. The coordinates will be given to the best PEP units. I am guessing designation numbers under 2999. From there, the fastest, strongest and the ones with the best systems and skill proficiency will go on to complete the next stage." Our quest was complete now. That did not help with the curiosity. We all climbed in the van as we were done with them. There was not a single bit of care for what would happen to them. They served their purpose.

I drove the van back to the home of Mason. I wanted to talk to them before going back to town. When I got there, there were a bunch of big, black special agent vehicles surrounding the home. "Mason LaDip! Come out with both of your hands up. We have you surrounded." the main agent said with a megaphone. Damn it. I did not want to risk them attacking us. It would not take much to expose the clan as PEP units. We were going to have to let him get captured. I took us all back to Dwan town. Since I solved the questline, things were going to move forward. It might be something that others would have to replicate, or there might be some cooldown before the next major event. Regardless, when we got to the cab depot the others cheered for us. They must have gotten the news from the transmission hub. Sunny and Lucy were still shunned, but I stood by them. That forced the others that wanted to talk to me to stay in their vicinity. Sparks was nice enough to ignore them. Alex and Alexis made their snide comments towards them and left. Katie and Claire both outright insulted them both.

As I was next to them as this was happening, I shut all of that down. The clan members got a bit miffed, but they had high enough opinion for me that they dropped it. We spent the rest of the evening together. For the next few days, we went about our daily businesses. I was wandering the streets when I saw some of the Phobia syndicate members. I decided to follow them. They went to the local scrappers and gave them some better gear. It seemed that a big deal of grief was going to be coming on. As a human, I was going to be fine either way. I turned and was walking back down the street when one of them called out to me. Because of the negative opinion, they were very aggressive. They got in my face and insulted me. All I could do was back down if I did not want a fight. Thankfully, doing so gave a small positive buff to opinion. You did not have to fight everything in your path. That was when we heard a yell. Being that it was so close the 3 Phobia members and I, we rushed to see what was going on. A child was being chased by a PEP unit. We intercepted the child to keep them apart.

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