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2. Jon wants to know about his da

1. You Are What You Wish

Wishing to Learn About Jon's Dad

avatar on 2022-07-20 08:53:01

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As Jon arrived home, the train of thought that had been running in the background of his mind all day was finally the only thing left he could think about. No school. No Karyn. Just that one uncomfortable question that he wasn't sure exactly how to approach.

Now that Jon had a wishing stone, he could finally learn who his dad was.

But did he want to? If he did, what kind of wish should he make? Karyn had just illustrated very clearly the pitfalls of bad wishing, and it was not Jon's intention to make things worse, but...


If he wished very carefully...

The boy pondered this as he climbed up the stairs and entered his bedroom. How could he not? He sat down on his bed and held the stone in his hands, and uttered those fateful words: "I wish..."

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