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PEA units Taken

avatar on 2022-07-16 19:49:50

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Quickly, several in-game weeks went by. The children were born and I was able to dote on my new children. We had to ferry them over to the library in large vans with dark tinted windows. Giving birth only took them a couple of hours. Not only did they get the children out, but they worked on upgrades and cosmetics to make it look like they had never been pregnant before. That was pretty nice of them. Having scars and stretch marks would not be good for a group. The children were all very cute. The new PEA units were brought back to the studio and placed in the nursery. All the clan members were happy. Even if they were not the parents, the clan had reached a major milestone. The parents were beaming with pride. We had 4 hybrids and 6 PEA unit children. They also did not need to be charged via electricity. Instead of being plugged into an outlet, they relied on solar power to keep them going. Because of this fact, they did not have charge ports on their bodies. They also had green hair and yellow eyes in various shades. It was to help them photosynthesize. That was cool.

They did not need to eat anything. That was just like the PEP units. Obviously, their prowess was increased. From what the clan was saying, they were 3 times stronger and faster. Their ability to get in the systems of programs and hack was twice as fast as the standard PEP unit. They were still not human and still NPCs at that. Their level was static at 35. That was good considering X-frames were level 40. Their offspring would be level 65. The AEA units were all level 80 and were the strongest the transmission hub had to offer. I could already take an AEA unit on if I had the proper loadout to fight with. I would be way stronger by then as well. Paul and Brett was not an option. They were Devils and too strong. My children alone children could take on X-frames. Their kids could rule countries their our own. That would get us targeted by the Sages. We did not want that. Having the Volition Clan at our beck and call for a certain task was great for us. That was the type of trump card you kept for a really big power play. We needed to let the children grow up before they could fight hard.

Ready to exploit something good, the PEP units at the library came to the depot. They wanted the children. I told them to fuck off and leave. They did not take no for an answer. They just ignored me. All the PEP unit members stood down and let it happen. They left my children because they knew that Paul, Brett and I would actually fight for them. "Where are you even going to take them!?" I demanded to know. They would be raised in the library and then shipped out to wherever the transmission hub needed the special enhanced units for a tough mission. They had increased capacity for downloading information into their bodies. That meant that they could be given all sorts of knowledge, skills and abilities far beyond the average PEP unit. My children also had increased capacity, but they were more human than machine. We would have to educate and train them all. Now that I knew this, I was not motivated to make them clan members. I would just use them for my personal enjoyment of the game from here on out. I would still do my part, but I was not going to take it as serious.

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