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117. New Names

116. Defeat Keith

115. Sneaky Keith

114. A Close Call

113. Hitchhiking

112. The Captives

111. Our Infiltration

110. The Clan

109. God-tier Boss

108. All My Exes

107. Our Victory

106. Black Sheep

105. Our Turn

104. Volition Turn

103. Competitors

102. The Bet

101. Posturing

100. Disagreements

99. Modifications

98. New Units

Membership Offer

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If we made it, we would be packing a lot of firepower. Any addition to our arsenal was overkill, but I loved it. Nathan, Mandy and the rescues from the facility returned a few days later with the cabs. Thankfully, all of their bodies were like new, and no lasting damage remained. Their PEP designations were all over the place. Nathan was proud to declare himself as 06101. Mandy was 06244. The rescues were 04705, 08452, 09893 and the driver unit which was 05135. 05135 had his charge port on his sternum. 04705 had hers on the back of her left calf. The right thigh was where 08452 had his, 09893 had his where his armpit was. Mandy had hers on her inner left thigh and Nathan had his on his left foot. I gathered Nathan, Mandy, 08452 and 09893 together. I said "You 4 will be perfect to infiltrate the police station. You will sign on to be the new police force of the town. The town is desperate, and your charge ports are not in places where you will get caught." I looked at the recues and asked for their names. 09893 said his name was Finian. He had auburn hair and green eyes.

Looking at 08452, he did not have a name. We decided to call him Erin. His hair was long and black. His eyes were a reddish brown that was interesting. He was the lanky body type as well. 04705 wanted to help as well. "You will get caught. I've been there and I know there is a locker room every changes in. What you can do is play into their stories. You can be the live-in girlfriend of one of them." She looked at her choices and said "I guess I will do that for Finian. He looks the most suspicious, so he is going to need a girl to make it more believable." Finian just sighed and said "I might be a late model, but I'm not useless." 05135 scoffed and said "I'd beg to differ. You didn't help in the fight where we got captured." I looked at the PEP unit and asked for his name. "I'll go by Cecil if you don't mind." It did not bother me at all. I looked at the female cyborg and asked for her name as well. "I normally don't have a name. I don't really deal with humans much. If you want, you can name me." We thought for a minute and came up with Rosalyn. She accepted it. Everyone now had a name.

I did not need to gesture helplessly at them. "Alright. It was good getting to know you. We have a place for you to stay and I want to extend a formal invitation to join our clan." I said. Rosalyn, Cecil, Erin and Finian accepted the offer right away. They knew where their bread was buttered. They probably heard of the benefits from Sparks at the Foundry. Nathan and Mandy did not seem like they wanted it. Nathan even dragged me over to the lounge by the arm. He pushed me on the couch and stood over me. "You have some nerve playing dumb like that. We were going to mug you and rescue Ryder from you." he said. He was not happy at all. I tried to diffuse tension and said "It was a joke. You know by now I don't have anything against PEP units." He said "Mandy and I hate humans. I don't care if you're part of a clan." He sat on the couch next to me. "Lucky for you, I hate owing a human more that humans themselves. I'll get you off once and then were even. Okay?" he said firmly. I was not going to say no to a free blowjob. Nathan leaned over and unzipped my fly. He got to work.

My dick got the royal treatment. He deepthroated me and it was warm and wet. The suction was out of this world. It felt so good that I ended up bent over him. All I could do was hang on to anything within reach with both my hands. That just happened to be his ass. It was nice and plump. I could just tell that he was rolling his eyes as I squeezed it tightly. He did not skip a beat and continued until I blew my load down his throat. I was speechless as I watched him get up. Nathan wiped his mouth and said "We're through." I looked at him and said "I have to show you something. Come with me." He just raised an eyebrow at me. "You're not getting up. I hate you humans, but I know my skill." Nathan was totally right. "Just wait a moment." It was 4 minutes. Even then, I was fighting myself to stand. He looked almost impressed. I zipped up my pants and led him over to the elevator. We went down to the clan Main Hall together. Nathan saw all of the X-frames. He moved to the glass casing. His legs spread slightly apart as his breath quickened. His deep programming knew what it liked.

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