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2. The Band

1. You Are What You Wish

The Band

on 2022-07-09 18:09:10

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Note: someone brought this up in the discord and the idea popped itself in my head, fully formed, so I'm starting it.

It all started with Karyn and Jon in a garage, going through some more of grandpa's old stuff that he had left them. This stuff wasn't magical, it was mostly junk, mirrors, mementos, old chests full of pictures and papers. The pile made for a bit of annoying fun, fun because it held a bunch of promise for something cool or at least interesting within, and annoying because it was actually a bunch of old junk that would have to be gotten rid of. There was the odd exception, and one exception that Karyn fell in love with was an old electric keyboard, probably from the late 80s, Karyn was having a ball tinkering with it. It had a thousand settings, all which sounded like a computer doing an impression of an instrument with the skill of an amateur stand up comedian, although Karyn clearly had less skill than that in playing, it was still fun to see what would happen when she hit a button. Still she wished she knew how to actually play....and with that she ran out to get the stone. More careful this time she held the stone in her hand and said "I wish I knew how to play this piano." There was the customary flash and then suddenly she knew exactly how all the buttons worked, and what's more she started not just playing, but actually composing a little song on it.

"Wow, that was effective!" Jon observed

"Its funny, it's actually second nature, like I think I could..." and she started playing this very intense piece with instrument changes and finger work so complex that you would have to assume she was a pro.

"That, was...." "AMAZING" Karyn finished Jon's sentence clearly super pumped by what she just did, but what Jon didn't know was that this had given her another idea.

Karyn grabbed the stone again and this time, with less thought said "I wish we were in an awesome band"

Flash. and in that Flash the world changed as the Stone decided what it meant to be an "an Awesome band"

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