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47. Nice Not Naughty

46. Control

45. Lisa's first day back to work

44. Making her decision

43. New Plans

42. Going Home

41. Wheels within wheels

40. Me, Myself and I

39. Do you really know everything?

38. Temptations

37. Joe

36. freedom?

35. 'James' tells all

34. fight

33. Knocking

32. investigation (corrected)

31. Shannon's note

30. fight or flight

29. Discovering the Evidence

28. the Truth

Good Guy

on 2022-01-09 23:32:40

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Good Guy:
James knew what he had to do. "Stop it!" he said sharply.
Lisa looked up at his face. that tone was so forceful, commanding even. It made her want to do what he said. she licked her lips," stop what? "She asked.
James modified his tone, "Your embarrassment is getting you more excited, which in turn embarrasses you more, which then excites you more. It’s a feedback loop."
Lisa had started to figure that out already, but she was past caring, about herself at least. A shrinking corner of her mind still warred about Jack being hurt or what it might mean for James’ job. that fear was just enough to distract her from going any further. She closed her eyes and started doing depreciation calculations in her head. breathing deeply trying to calm herself.
Since her eyes were closed, she didn’t realize how much of a show her rising and falling chest was putting on for James. James smiled, one last point, he thought. He said, "In the bottom left drawer of your desk. There's a box of tampons. Check inside in the back..."
Lisa walked slowly back to her desk. Her nipples were still erect which made it very hard to not think about her amazing tits. she was worried about exciting herself again and so she sat down too quickly. Her breasts bounced hard and her hands automatically cupped them before she snatched them away.
She pulled open the bottom left drawer and saw the tampon box. she riffled around inside it until her hand closed on something. She pulled her hand out and looked at the thing in her hand. It was a

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