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4. What Next?

3. A guy going nowhere fast

2. Unlimited Changes!

1. The Drafting Board

Complete Control: Unaware so far

on 2022-06-20 21:09:33

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Monica saw her son groggily come down the stairs. She loved all her kids equally, but something about Matthew was just…disappointing. She just remembers her youthful days, and how reckless she was. Monica was a punk rock groupie, getting drunk, doing drugs, and encountering men on her days chasing bands. It was her husband Tim that settled her down, and eventually put a ring on her finger. She was lucky to have him, and the loving family, but there was a part of her that missed those fun days when she was far more youthful. Still, she had her looks still mostly in tact. Something about her metabolism kept her fairly thin, but as a mother she had wide hips and plump thighs. With a bust that got larger over time, she had quite the milfy body. Now with straight black hair she was trying her best to stay conservative and strict for the family.

As Matthew sat at the table she lectured him again, it was a shame that he was…he was…he was just fine. Why was she so upset? He was still young, and didn’t deserve the lack of support he was currently receiving. “Matthew, forget what I said. You’re doing just fine.”

Matthew was a bit surprised. This was probably the nicest thing she’s said in a while. Not to look a gift horse in the mouth he shrugged and let her continue cleaning.

In came someone to disrupt the peace. It was his older sister Danielle. She took on a lot of her mother’s appearance, but very petite. She was a librarian at the local college, a modest job, but still not enough to get her a place of her own. As the oldest she bore a lot of responsibility, and often looked down on her brothers whenever she could. Not the worst sister in the world, but occasionally she acted like a pest. She marched into the room, in a pair of yoga shorts, and a tank top and bra.

“Sweetie, you shouldn’t be showing so much chest!” Monica went right back to her old ways scolding her child for something minor.

“Jeeze mom, I’m not showing them to anyone that shouldn’t be looking anyways!” Danielle turned to her little brother. “Why don’t you yell at him! He got up late!”

“Matthew can do whatever, we’re too hard on him.” Monica retorted quickly.

“Yeah! So shut your lips!” Matthew said jokingly.

That joke turned real, as she oddly grabbed her lips and smushed them into a finger sandwich. Matthew laughed at first, thinking she was doing a joke, but she didn’t let go. She even walked around the kitchen continuing her morning, with an odd fixation with literally keeping her mouth shut. When she went to the fridge she grabbed some OJ, poured a glass, then tried to drink. She had a lot of failure considering she couldn’t be bothered to open her mouth. The juice spilled down her top and down her shorts, then spilling onto the floor.

“Danielle! Didn’t you hear him, he said to shut your mouth and you try to drink. Ugh, you made a mess, just get out.” Monica scolded.

Danielle rolled her eyes, something clearly off with her as she was walking away, back with both hands pressing tightly on her lips.

Matthew was a little worried, this was starting to be a very weird morning…

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